by Tina Olivero

    INDUSTRIAL MOTOR POWER: Top 5000 Fastest Growing Company

    On Its Global Expansion, IMP Recognized by “Inc.” as one of 2018’s Fastest Growing Companies

    After more than two years of global marketing expansion, Industrial Motor Power Corporation (IMP) has now been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s 5,000 fastest growing companies—a list that has included the likes of Microsoft, Oracle, and Under Armour.  For the past 17 years, IMP has been known as one of North America’s largest independent suppliers of surplus on-site power solutions with a focus on its large parcel capabilities.  In its efforts, IMP has collected a number of notable clients in various industries: BP, Chevron, Duke Energy, and NASA Jet Propulsion, to name a few.  Though in 2015 its CEO, Nicholas Nadjarian, decided to expand their already global reach by building a marketing department focused on end-user outreach and global relations.

    “We are pleased with the foundation that we had built,” notes Mr. Nadjarian, “but with so many shifts in the surplus markets around the world, we knew that off-grid power solutions were going to become key in nearly all verticals.” As such, IMP’s strategies began to include end-users big and small to add to the company’s clientele.

    Since then, IMP’s marketing expansion has provided a new palette for the sales department.  So, among the usual high-profile sales, a new variety of clients are being served. “We sold complete genset solutions to private developers in Honduras, 4 megawatts to an EPC in Turkey, and emergency power to Las Vegas Motor Speedway,” notes Chief Marketing Officer, Vincent Scatena.  “We’re still serving those large multinational clients, but we’ve been able to successfully add the likes of mushroom farms, crypto currency developers, and local ski resorts to the mix.”

    The new end-user markets rarely provide the high frequency of business to which IMP has been accustomed, but as an addition to IMP’s already-robust streams, it provided the boost and insurance to get Industrial Motor Power on Inc.’s radar. “Being recognized by Inc. is gratifying,” says CEO, Nadjarian. “What’s truly exciting is that we’ve only scratched the surface.”

    ABOUT INDUSTRIAL MOTOR POWER: IMP (www.IMPcorporation.com) is the industry leading supplier of new-surplus & used power generation equipment, serving a broad range industries, including Oil & Gas Energy, Drilling, Marine, and Utilities.  Since 2001, IMP has installed thousands of units in over three-hundred countries, and continues to expand its reach every year.

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