by Ryan Ray

    Careers in the Oil & Gas Industry: A Guidebook of Practical Advice

    “Find out what you like to do best and get someone to pay you for doing it”, Epictetus.

    oil and gas jobs

    The Oil and Gas Industry boasts some of the highest income earning jobs of any industry in the world. Of the dozens of job categories in the Oil and Gas Industry, the majority have a higher income earning potential than their counterparts in other industries. Careers which are as diverse as accounting and Chemical engineering are readily available to those who knew where and how to look.

    oil and gas jobs

    Many are just unaware of where to look and how to land these jobs.

    Until now, the information about the various career opportunities in this industry has never been organized and condensed into such a concise book. If you are thinking about a Career in the Oil and Gas Industry, this is where you should start. In “Careers in the Oil & Gas Industry: A Guidebook of Practical Advice” Alfonso Colombano and Ryan Ray detail the ultra complex Oil and Gas industry.

    oil and gas jobs

    Beginning with a brief summary of the Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream markets, they paint a picture of the industry using a broad brush. After that, the remaining chapters are characterized by high quality synopses of the multiple Career opportunities available in each sector, and the sort of personality preferences that tend to flourish more naturally in each. Building on that, Alfonso and Ryan detail the ideal career paths and other means of securing these jobs.

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