by Tina Olivero

    Transfer of Technology

    Spence Corrosion Canada Ltd. has expanded operations from Alberta to Newfoundland and Labrador. With a new location in the city of St. John’s, the company services the oil and gas industry as well as other industries province-wide.

    Gerry Sullivan, the National Business Development Manager of Spence Corrosion Canada is executing on contracts. He says it’s been an exciting time, a time of enormous work and commitment to enter and succeed in a new market. “We plan to hire people locally and where the expertise is not here we have hired a few people from other regions. We plan on hiring 40 to 100 people to facilitate contracts in the region.”

    Damir Zekic is from Croatia and is a Supervisor with Spence Corrosion working out of their new Salmonier Line, Holyrood location. Damir brings with him a unique set of skills as a red seal electrician as well as a specialist in rubber lining. Rubber lining is a skill essential to Spence’s operations and therefore they are a match. Through government support with programs like IRCC and the NL PNP program, Damir has transitioned as a foreign worker to the province. This has allowed for the transfer of technology in the rubber liner sector in the province. Damir says, “It’s been a transition that was made easier because my brother and I are both here in Canada now working for Spence as rubber liner specialists. I have a good life here with my wife. We enjoy the fact that Newfoundland is an island and I love the people and their Irish roots.”

    lof people.ove Newfoundland’s history, language, and music. Most of all the people here are nice and truly welcoming.Damir’s brother Ivan Zekic arrived in Newfoundland sometime after his brother. He says, “I was a computer technician but I wanted to try something else so I got into rubber lining which I have specialized in for the last five years. This job has given me the opportunity to work throughout Canada and meet a lot of people. There are only three pipelining specialists in the province so it’s nice to be in demand and it’s also great transfer our skills and knowledge to the region. I love Newfoundland’s history, language, and music. Most of all the people here are nice and truly welcoming.

    Spence Corrosion offers an innovative approach to problem-solving and solution development with comprehensive tank lining services for all types of industrial bulk storage and process tanks. Drawing on many years of experience in corrosion prevention treatments, Spence offers a specialized tank lining service for on-site linings. Incorporating the latest technology in corrosion prevention, Spence offers the most time efficient solution to any storage tank lining problem, with a minimum amount of disruption. That’s the job of Damir and Ivan, ensuring that pipe and tank lining services are available.

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