by Tina Olivero

    Crosbie Group acquires 50% ownership in MacKinnon & Olding

    Newfoundland based Crosbie Group Limited & Member Companies (Crosbie Group) and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia-based MacKinnon & Olding Limited (MacKinnon & Olding) are pleased to announce they have formed a partnership arrangement, creating one of the largest industrial maintenance companies in eastern Canada. Under the terms of the agreement, Crosbie Group has acquired a 50% ownership interest in MacKinnon & Olding.

    Crosbie Group, through its offshore and onshore industrial maintenance companies Crosbie Salamis Limited and Atlantic Maintenance Services Limited respectively, employs in excess of 300 engineers, technicians and tradespeople, primarily in Newfoundland & Labrador. Crosbie Group’s investment in MacKinnon & Olding represents an important first step in its diversification strategy, broadening Crosbie Group’s market exposure and moving the company into new regions. MacKinnon & Olding has a long history of providing similar maintenance services, with a focus on the marine and defence markets in eastern Canada. Crosbie Group and MacKinnon & Olding, combined, will provide over 500 skilled professionals to the industrial maintenance space in eastern Canada.

    “We are delighted to be partnering with MacKinnon & Olding” said Robert Crosbie, Chair of Crosbie Group. “This investment will give both companies the opportunity to share technology and expertise that will enhance our industrial maintenance service offering in the markets we serve.”

    Rob Crosbie

    Robert Crosbie, Chair of Crosbie Group

    “This partnership will further support the growth of our company,” said Don MacKinnon, President of MacKinnon & Olding. “It will allow us to build on our existing relationships and grow into new markets.” The transaction closed on November 15, 2017.

    For more information on each company, visit their websites at www.crosbiegroup.com and www.mac-old.com.

    About Crosbie Group Limited & Member Companies

    Crosbie Group Limited & Member Companies (Crosbie Group) is a wholly owned and operated Newfoundland & Labrador based family business with its head office located in St. John’s, NL, Canada. Crosbie Group has a diverse portfolio of business interests which span offshore oil and gas, onshore industrial, construction and real estate sectors. Throughout Crosbie Groups’ business, the company’s priorities are always is the safety of its people, protecting the environment, being honest, sincere and professional, building relationships and providing superior client-focused solutions and developing our team to better support our clients. Crosbie Group draws on innovative practices, partner relationships and extensive experience to provide the highest standards of products and services.

    About MacKinnon & Olding

    MacKinnon & Olding (M & O) offers a complete soft trades solution focusing on five specialty services under one roof with more than 30 years experience in each division. Maintaining all certifications and meeting strict government guidelines have made M & O a trusted partner for a growing number of companies in need of quality and reliability. M & O remains the #1 marine contractor for the Canadian Navy on the east coast. An ISO company with COR- NSCSA certification, the company continues to build itself on its ability to deliver core services while maintaining the highest standards.

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