by Tina Olivero

    World’s Top 10 Largest Oil Companies

    Energy Intelligence has released its annual ranking of the world’s 100 largest oil and gas companies, the only ranking system that compares private sector firms with national oil companies. The Energy Intelligence Top 100 is an in-depth company analysis that ranks six key operational metrics together with 70 additional parameters of company performance.

    Here are some of the key findings from the 2017 ranking:

    • Exxon Mobil slips from third to fifth following reserves downgrades in Canadian oil sands, North American gas
    • Royal Dutch Shell gets boost from BG acquisition and climbs two places to sixth 
    • US shale players gain ground, occupy 25 spots in Top 100 and eight positions in Top 50, up from six last year
    • Shale specialist Antero Resources is the biggest mover, climbing 16 places to 48th
    • Saudi Aramco remains firmly in first place, ahead of National Iranian Oil Co. and China National Petroleum Corp.
    • National Oil Companies (NOCs) retain six out of the Top 10 positions, but Petrobras drops three places to 15th

     “The latest Energy Intelligence Top 100 rankings reflect company performance during 2016 and offer an insight into the health of the industry two years into the oil price downturn,” says Tom Marchetti, President of Energy Intelligence. “The strong showing from shale-focused US independents underscores how that sector has adapted to the lower price environment, while the mixed fortunes of the Supermajors show the challenges this price cycle is posing for bigger integrated players.”

    Energy Intelligence’s flagship publication Petroleum Intelligence Weekly is also publishing the rankings of the Top 50 oil companies along with valuable insights into their performance. PIW’s Top 50 has appeared for the past 27 years and provides the ranking methodology for the much larger Energy Intelligence Top 100.

    Six parameters are used to compile the rankings: oil reserves, natural gas reserves, oil production, natural gas production, refinery distillation capacity and refined product sales. The Energy Intelligence Top 100 analysis considers an additional 70 financial and operational parameters.

    The Top 10 companies in this year’s rankings are:
    1. Saudi Aramco
    2. NIOC
    3. CNPC
    4. PDVSA
    5. Exxon Mobil
    6. Shell
    7. BP
    7. Rosneft
    9. Gazprom
    10. Total 

    The list of Top 50 companies is available to clients of Petroleum Intelligence Weekly, and the full Top 100: Global NOC & IOC Rankings analysis is available to Energy Intelligence clients as part of its suite of online interactive data service.

    SOURCE:  Energy Intelligence

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