by Tina Olivero

Spence Corrosion Canada: Expands into Newfoundland

It’s great news when you hear about companies expanding and investing in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Branching out of Nisku Alberta, Norm Spence, President of Spence Corrosion Services Ltd. has seen the potential for expansion in Newfoundland and Labrador.  With a new location in the city of St. John’s, Norm expects that his company will be hiring 40 – 100 people to facilitate contracts in the corrosion business in the oil and gas sector as well as other industries province-wide.

Gerry Sullivan the National Business Development Manager is radically supporting efforts in the region, bidding on contracts and setting up operations. He say’s it’s been an exciting time, a time of enormous work and commitment to enter and succeed in a new market. But it’s worth it. This summer Spense had an official launch and opening, announcing to industry their vision and intentions. Since then they have been diligently developing the infrastructure necessary for new contracts.

Currently working on projects in the province and positioned for new projects, Gerry Sullivan says, “It’s our time to build and grow in this region. We have been implementing an assertive business plan and we expect to support the corrosion challenges that come with offshore developments, weather conditions and other corrosion factors.  We have a new office location on Job Street in St. John’s and I am excited about starting this endeavour from the ground up!”

Having secured a maintenance contract with the Hebron project and poised for West White Rose, Spence is committed to battling corrosion problems within major oil and gas projects.
Additionally, the company is working with Vale in the mining sector and are positioned for other diverse industrial sectors.

Corrosion is a part of industrial operations in any project and it’s also a challenge to mitigate risks associated with Corrosion. Spence Corrosion is designed to mitigate corrosion risk as well as prevent and maintain operations where corrosion is a factor.

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