by Tina Olivero

    5 ways to improve your online marketing instantly

    Are you absolutely exhausted trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t work on the internet these days?

    Or perhaps the whole idea of internet marketing has you confused and frustrated so you don’t even attempt it.

    Or…. you are pretty good at it, you just want to take it to the next level.

    Whichever category you fit into, this article is for you.

    Here are 5 easy ways you can improve your online marketing INSTANTLY:



    The first thing to understand about any piece of marketing collateral is that it has a USE and a PURPOSE.
    That use and purpose are to SERVE OTHERS and GAIN MORE BUSINESS.

    Your marketing goal is to hit the basic human needs button of all humans. Simply put, you want to avoid pain or gain pleasure. 

Ask yourself these types of questions:

    Simply put, you want to avoid pain or gain pleasure. 

Ask yourself these types of questions:

    Ask yourself these types of questions:
    Does this advertisement make them FEEL BETTER rather than list product benefits only?
    Does this blog provide them with insight that will give them access to FEELING GOOD about themselves and their results?
    Does this brand convey a sense of CONFIDENCE warmth or comfort for them?
    Does having this service make them FEEL SUCCESSFUL?
    Does this product allow them to AVOID PAIN?
    Will this service support them in not failing, making mistakes or not being good enough?

    Get inside the head of your consumer and tap into their purchasing power by making sure you provide them with a sense of pleasure or are ultimately avoiding suffering.
    Either way, the end result is that, with your product or service, your client FEELS GOOD.



    Strategically craft your marketing with your client in mind. Continuously answer “what’s in it for them”.

    Too many of us get so excited and caught up about what WE ARE DOING that we don’t spend the time to craft every logo, tagline, advertisement, blog or sponsored content with the user in mind.

    Imagine you are them.
    What are their habits?
    What do they do each day?
    What do they want most?
    What do they require?
    What is necessary in their world?

    Right now, in tough economic times, buyers purchase to serve a NEED. Identify that need and provide it. That’s what will make them FEEL GOOD.


    IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU (What?)

    Everything you produce for your business is a piece of marketing collateral.

    Crafting your LinkedIn page, your Facebook identity, your business card, your web page, your sales materials, your company solution, surprisingly is NOT ABOUT YOU. It’s about the clients you serve.

    Every piece of marketing material you produce (including your social media platforms….yes even the personal ones) are SELLING platforms for your business.

    Craft your content by making it all about THEM – not about you. For example, your Facebook page can say that that you, “Make your travelling effortless and efficient with unbeatable rates”, rather than, “I’m a travel agent”. And your LinkedIn page can say, “Gathering Engineering intelligence for your company growth ”, rather than “Executive Assistant of Petroleum Engineering Association”. See the difference?

    tina olivero


    So many of us put out really great content and marketing materials and then forget to include a call to action.
    Look over all of your marketing collateral and ensure there that you make people FEEL GOOD and that you CALL THEM TO TAKE ACTION.

    Here are some of the many business collaterals that you want to consider:
    Email Signature
    Business Cards
    Twitter Account
    LinkedIn Profile – See this sample
    LinkedIn Groups
    Facebook Personal
    Facebook Pages
    Facebook Groups
    Sales Material
    Sales kits
    Product specs
    User catalogues
    Strategic Content
    Web Site
    Guest Blogs
    And just about everywhere you can think of. Get creative with it!



    Make your calls to action, short, precise and HIT THEM IN THE FACE WITH A PIE!

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    Have fun with your marketing. Let it be the type of thing that tickles your brain and allows you to engage your creativity.

    Don’t get caught in the trap of unnecessary internet complexities and jargon. Keep is simple. Keep it real. Keep it understandable and most of all keep it “you”!


    tina olivero


    Too busy for all that marketing gold right now? No worries…

    Call Tina Olivero to assist with your marketing success!

    Tina Olivero THE OGM

    Tina Olivero – The OGM

    Tina Olivero is the Publisher, Marketing Expert and Content Strategist for clients of the OGM network. OGM stands for OUR GREAT MINDS – you know, that place in our heads where all those great things happen!

    To gain more insight into marketing or sales for your business, please contact
    tinaolivero@theogm.com or
    CALL TINA NOW for a free consult!  709 7700677

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    Tina Olivero

    30 years ago, Tina Olivero looked into the future and saw an opportunity to make a difference for her province and people. That difference came in the form of the oil and gas sector. Six years before there was even a drop of oil brought to the shores of Newfoundland, she founded The Oil and Gas Magazine (THE OGM) from a back room in her home on Signal Hill Road, in St. John’s, Newfoundland. A single mother, no financing, no previous journalism or oil and gas experience, she forged ahead, with a creative vision and one heck of a heaping dose of sheer determination. With her pioneering spirit, Ms. Olivero developed a magazine that would educate, inspire, motivate and entertain oil and gas readers around the world — She prides herself in marketing and promoting our province and resources in unprecedented ways. The OGM is a magazine that focuses on our projects, our people, our opportunities and ultimately becomes the bridge to new energy outcomes and a sustainable new energy world. Now diversifying into the communications realms, a natural progression from the Magazine, The OGM now offers an entirely new division - Oil & Gas Media. Today, The Oil and Gas Magazine is a global phenomenon that operates not only in Newfoundland, but also in Calgary and is read by oil and gas enthusiasts in Norway, Aberdeen, across the US and as far reaching as Abu Dhabi, in the Middle East. Believing that Energy is everyone’s business, Ms. Olivero has combined energy + culture to embrace the worlds commitment to a balance of work and home life as well as fostering a foundation for health and well being. In this era of growth and development business and lifestyle are an eloquent mix, there is no beginning or end. Partnering with over 90 oil and gas exhibitions and conferences around the world, Ms. Olivero's role as a Global Visionary is to embrace communication in a way that fosters oil and gas business and industry growth in new and creative ways.

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