by Tina Olivero

    NOIA – New Board of Directors for 2017

    The Newfoundland and Labrador Oil & Gas Industries Association (Noia) membership elected its 2017 Board of Directors at the association’s Annual General Meeting held today in St. John’s.

    The Board of Directors is the governing body and provides strategic direction for the largest oil & gas industry association in Canada. Andrew Bell succeeds Raymond Collins as Board Chair.
    Mr. Collins moves into the Past-Chair role with Liam O’Shea taking over as Vice Chair.

    Additionally, Noia members elected five new directors:

    Mark Collett, Crosbie Group of Companies

    Jason Fudge, DF Barnes

    James Parmiter, Cahill Group of Companies

    Torfi Thorarinson, TechnipFMC Canada

    Karen Winsor, Atlantic XL

    The 2017 Noia Board of Directors comprises:


    Andrew Bell, K&D Pratt, Chair

    Liam O’Shea, Atlantic Offshore Medical Services, Vice Chair

    Mike Critch, NSB Energy, Treasurer

    Raymond Collins, PF Collins International Trade Solutions, Past Chair



    Hank Williams, Cougar Helicopters Inc.

    Christian Somerton, Pennecon Energy Marine Base

    Kerri Best, Flourish Energy Inc.

    Mark Collett, Crosbie Group of Companies

    Jason Fudge, DF Barnes

    James Parmiter, Cahill Group of Companies

    Torfi Thorarinson, TechnipFMC Canada

    Karen Winsor, Atlantic XL

    Dr. Steve Bonnell, Environmental Assessment Practice Leader, Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, provided the keynote address at today’s luncheon. 

    Noia’s 2017 Board Chair, Andrew Bell, also addressed attendees, noting that as Chair, he plans to focus primarily on two areas; the first being faster development of our resources and the second being local content and enhanced opportunities for NL-based companies.  “Whether you are a supply and service provider, an operator, or a politician, there is one thing we can all agree on – the oil needs to come out of the ground for anyone to benefit and we need for things to be happening at a faster pace than we’ve been seeing. All stakeholders need to work together to reduce the time between projects by eliminating the roadblocks and maximize the near and long-term opportunities,” said Mr. Bell. “Noia will also continue to advocate for greater participation of NL-based supply and service companies. We have proven that our local companies are more than capable and can be globally competitive and we will strongly lobby for the upholding of benefits agreements related to the development of our offshore.”

    At the AGM, Noia also officially noted that 2017 marks its 40th year of representing the industry’s supply and service sector.

    “Founded in 1977, 2017 marks Noia’s 40th anniversary and while it is important to acknowledge those who had the vision to establish and build the organization, it is also important that we learn from the past 40 years and apply those learnings to the future, which we know is very promising,” said Robert Cadigan, Noia President & CEO. “Noia looks forward to continuing to support our members as we work together to turn our great potential into reality – a long-term, sustainable offshore oil & gas industry for the benefit of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.”

    Biographical information about Noia’s Board of Directors can be found online at www.noia.ca


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