by Tina Olivero

    Terramac set to launch its new 360 degree Rotating Crawler

    Terramac LLC, a leading worldwide producer, and supplier of rubber track crawler carriers have recently announced that they are going to bring something new to the industry in the form of a brand new fully rotating unit at the MinExpo 2016. Terramac has been at the forefront of research and innovation when it comes to the manufacturing of mining equipment. Some extensive design implementations like the use of low ground pressure to provide accessibility to the remotest of terrains have already proved that they have the capability to provide top of the line products in this field.

    With the introduction of the new crawler carrier, they are hoping to be able to introduce yet another high-end product into the market. The crawler, named RT14R will be showcased at MinExpo 2016 booth #4639.

    Talking about the new model, the Director of Sales at Terramac, Matt Slater said, “Rubber track technology and attachment customizations are the greatest features that set Terramac units apart from other vehicles. We’re excited to exhibit the versatility that Terramac crawler carriers provide in the mining industry, and we look forward to a successful show.”
    RT14R units


    Besides the highlight of the vehicle: a full 360-degree coverage capability, the RT14R also features precision operability which can handle even the most sensitive of mining jobs with ease. Not only that, the new model has a highly strengthened external hull which is capable of operating at load levels of 28,000 lb from any angle. The incorporation of a higher ground clearance level and stability features also ensure that there is minimal ground disturbance which in turn also helps with reduced undercarriage wear.

    The RT14R is capable of a wide range of jobs including pond construction, dam, and levee work as well as other heavy duty operations like waterway restoration among the end of mine life activities.

    Besides the RT14R, Terramac will also be promoting the two straight frame models, RT9 and RT14, both of which feature unique attachment capabilities supporting various enhancements like spray booms and cranes.
    About Terramac

    Terramac LLC is one of the global leaders in the production of crawler carriers. They are based in Elburn, IL. They started with the production of the mid-sized RT9, the first in a long line of carriers. The RT14, introduced in 2015 paid particular emphasis on upgrading the durability of the carrier and they have finally come up with the fully rotatable RT14R.

    They offer a full-line dealer network covering almost all of the Canada and the USA so that all of their parts can be easily accessed worldwide. Not only that, all of their products are fully customizable to meet any level of operation capability in a range of industries including general construction, mining, and pipeline laying. Their standard of customer servicing has also often been hailed as being top notch because of the level of flexibility they offer in a product design so as to make it meet specific customer expectations.

    For further information on any of their rubber tracked crawler carriers, visit them at www.terramac.com or call at 630-365-4800.

    Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero

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