by Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero: Celebrating a 25-year legacy with the energy industry.

    In June of 2016, hundreds of clients, colleagues, contractors and friends of The OGM gathered to celebrate a 25-year legacy.  Founder Tina Olivero says, “Building and industry from nothing to something great, has not always been easy but vision and perseverance of our energy community has prevailed”.

    The OGM magazine started six years before oil was ever produced in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Today 25-years later, the publication remains an icon of support for the energy industry not just locally but around the globe, garnishing readers from energy centres around such as Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and other middle eastern countries as well as Norway, Scotland, the UK, the USA and more.

    Tina Olivero says, ” We are very proud of what we have architected and executed to date. The company has grown and changed with the times.  We live in a new digital era which makes things boundless and exciting.  We remain steadfast to the vision of our energy security and a new energy world emerging.  In essence, after 25 years, I can say, we’ve only just begun.”

    While the industry is in a short term low and the price of oil has essentially cut revenues in half, this time of dramatic adjustment will prepare companies for the future.  Leaner, more efficient and streamline systems will take the lead.  Companies will be built on the essentials and on what we “need” rather than what we “want”.  Technology and innovation will save the day.

    Tina says, “This is a time of simplification, standardization, and collaboration.  It’s difficult to re-engineer a company that was doing really well and overhaul it to an entirely new way of operating but it’s essential.  25-years in the industry has taught me that change is inevitable. You can’t sit on your laurels and think work will come to you. You have to assertively go after it and the value that you offer has to be unprecedented and sustainable for clients. Much of the time, that means going out into the future and architecting products and services that will be needed tomorrow and work back from there.”

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