by Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero, “U Publish It, is the portal for energy innovators to share their solutions.”

    It is a place to discover and share stories – everything energy!

    Now is your chance to join a social platform that connects energy people with energy content in such a way that stories are self generating – through a self-publishing platform called U Publish It.

    The OGM self-publishing platform is a place that spans all borders, interests and languages and can be used on any device – tablet, phone or computer.

    With creative stories added each day in over 50 categories of content, The OGM houses stories for everyone to read and write about. It’s EVERYTHING ENERGY!

    Have you heard that automous self-driving vehicles will be the in thing within the next five years? Who needs a driveway after that!

    Want a story about new offshore wind innovation that promises to create sustainable energy from sea?

    How about unmanned rigs offshore?

    Will Elon Musk be mining for battery minerals in Newfoundland?

    These are the conversations of our time…

    We know that everyone has a great story to tell.
    How did your technology bring new energy into existence?
    How did your drilling advances make it finally profitable?
    What is the next breakthrough in aviation?
    Will we be teleported some day soon? lol ok maybe not that one…but who knows.

    All stories published on TheOGM.com story U PUBLISH IT portal are free to upload. Stories are written about energy, by energy enthusiasts for energy advancement. Stories will spotlight leaders and free thinkers. It will highlight OUR GREAT MINDS and the technology they developed to the world of energy better, faster and more sustainable.

    The number one commodity on the planet is energy. It makes everything work – now is the time to harness the “global energy crowd” and source an open platform, where everyone can play the game of creating a new energy sustainable future.

    Submit your stories on our content gathering portal U PUBLISH IT, on TheOGM.com. Ensure your content delivers value and illustrates how your product/service/company is making the world a more sustainable new energy world.

    See you there!

    Please note: We reserve the right publish content at the discretion of The OGM Editorial Board.  Editorial must follow the guidelines provided and be in alignment with The OGM professional business culture.

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