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    Setting Roots On Rocky Shores

    Since the arrival of their first cargo ship at the Port of Long Pond Manuals, Newfoundland, Integrated Logistics (IL) has lived by the statement “We Can Handle It”. Specializing in project cargo that moves by marine transport, the company has been growing their operation with that core value since 2009. In each assignment that statement drives their research, planning, and execution strategy.

    When IL began, the partners understood that there was a need for professional services specializing in stevedoring and marine support activities, as well as the ability to follow a customer’s cargo through each step in the material handling process. Many projects experience unnecessary delays when cargo moves between transportation modes. A customer can hire a truck, crane and ship or barge, but considering how it will move between those pieces of equipment creates numerous issues. It drives the need for extensive planning.

    “Our team understands that if our “work boots” are on site, we are responsible for smooth, efficient, and safe operations. We do not forward cargo, we handle it, we do not arrange services, we perform them” said Andrew Short, General Manager.

    This approach has resulted in satisfied clients and involvement in more complex and interesting projects. IL takes assignments beyond the typical scope of stevedoring operations. In 2011, IL was asked to provide stevedoring and port services in Argentia, for the Long Harbour Construction Project’s temporary camp. IL’s client Malthus, Canada, then asked, if IL could truck units to the LHPP site, select the correct crane and rigging arrangement, and finally to complete the installation of units on the foundation. The “We Can Handle It” approach allowed for such a successful installation that the IL team was invited by Malthus to complete a similar project in Bull Arm, Newfoundland on the Hebron Project.

    “Hebron was really interesting because we had to construct some of the buildings as we unloaded the modules from the ship. A lot of planning was required to match production rates at each work station between a foundation and a discharging ship,” boasts Andrew proudly.

    Their Argentia terminal has also provided specialized marine base services to oil and gas subsea contractors. Now with a new warehouse, the Argentia terminal is preparing for more work with new business related to the White Rose Extension Project.

    During the fall of 2013, IL kicked off a major operational site services contract with the Vale Long Harbour site. IL performs all operational site services at LHPP, and they are excited about the opportunities in the province’s newest major port site. IL is majority Newfoundland owned, with a strategic partner in the QSL network of ports, which handles over 20 million tons of cargo annually. QSL operates in over 25 ports through the St. Lawrence Seaway from Chicago to Newfoundland and Labrador.

    With the number of planned natural resource developments in our province, Integrated Logistics expects to reach their goal of 100 full time employees in their fifth year of business. This type of growth can be a challenge but if you ask their team, they will tell you “We Can Handle it.”

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