by Tina Olivero

    Being Santa

    Have you ever wondered how Santa gets around the world so fast? Or, have you ever wondered how Santa can be in so many places at the same time? Would you like to know?

    Yes, I thought so.

    Well, what makes Santa magical is that he has many lives! Sssshhhhh, I know that’s a big secret—but it’s true. I know because I’m Santa, and that’s also how so many people know about me and see me in many places at the same time. I have many lives, and I can be in more than one place at the same time. DON’T TELL ANYONE though—that has got to remain our little secret.

    One of the things about being a magical person is that you get to do and see all kinds of things most people never get to do or see. Being magical means I get to go to special events, lots of parades, visit special kids, eat lots of milk and cookies, and take adventurous trips around the world.

    Want to know how it works? Ok, I’ll share with you my most recent adventure, as it’s a tale that warms my heart. It all began when I was born on November 28, 2013, and I remember it well. It was on the Island of Newfoundland, a place where I like to hang out in the winter because the cold Atlantic sea breeze makes me feel right at home.

    I wasn’t born in a hospital like most people, as I started my life at the Newfoundland Chocolate Company. Yes, I was made completely of chocolate, and I felt that I was the luckiest person in the world for it. Imagine being made entirely of creamy, smooth, dreamy, delectable chocolate. A chocolate ME! Sometimes I loved myself so much I would try to take a bite out of myself. Oh, how wonderful it was to breathe in the smell of chocolate every day—it was my dream come true!

    At just about three feet tall, I am a tower of chocolate strength. Undeniably, I am always the most handsome man in the room, bringing distinguished and wise to a whole new level with my big hat and long beard. I am the “Chocolate Santa”!

    I wasn’t in my birthplace too long, before a lady came along from The OGM, and took me from the shop. She was kind of cute, and I wondered what Mrs. Claus might think if I gave her a kiss. I didn’t give her a kiss, but … I thought about it. That’s our second secret!

    She had long dark hair and soft eyes, and I could tell she had a caring spirit. I asked her where we were going. She said that she was here to take me on a special giving adventure.

    A giving adventure—that sounded like fun. Off we went to the downtown home of Sheila Ryan. Sheila was a grand lass, making sure I was taken care of and had lots of milk and cookies for my stay. She had a boy in the house, named Carter, and we played lots of games. Staying there was a nice little holiday for me. But, alas, before long we ventured on to a new destination. This time it was to the LSPU Hall in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Well, it turns out they have all kinds of parties there, and I was invited to be the guest of honor at one of them. It was an exciting time!

    When I got there, the LSPU Hall was full. It was Tibb’s Eve, so everyone was abuzz with Christmas and the Spirit of Giving. Sheila said that having a Chocolate Santa in the house was such a privilege that people came from far and wide just to see me. Ho, ho, ho!

    The next thing you know they had a great big auction, and people were even bidding to take me home. I thought to myself, “Wow, this really is a great way to raise money for giving. I show up and we make money, and now we can give to the less fortunate, to the homeless, to the sick, and to those in need.” Warmed my heart it did. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

    The ladies went crazy for me. Sherry Ryan and Ruth Lawrence were kept busy taking bids, and I believe they may even have been squabbling over me themselves. They both wanted to take me home!

    Well, it seems that the woman who thought I was the most handsome, and the one who won me over was Ms. Kim Paddon. What a champ bidder!

    Kim was so endearing. She had a nice house, and I could’ve stayed a lot longer. But Christmas was almost here, and there was still so much work to do.

    Christmas takes a lot of energy. You can’t do Christmas alone, as it takes a whole pile of helpers. So, I called 709 MYSANTA and rousted up all the others. We made a global plan to get all the presents out, and set out on the task of making Christmas happen.

    Once Christmas details were all completed, the last stop for me was a special trip to the Ronald McDonald House. That’s where I retired for the season. When I arrived, someone was kind enough to put me in a special spot, and, when the children woke up on Christmas morning, there I was. The children could not believe their eyes: a real Chocolate Santa.

    Thank heavens we have lots of lives, and there are so many of us—because they ate me!


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