by Sean Mallany

    Gadget Guide [Epic Collection]

    Project Glass (Above)

    Google’s Project Glass is truly a product that makes you feel like the future has arrived: it’s a pair of glasses that connects wirelessly with your smartphone to act as a wearable computer. The glasses display information such as text messages, images, or web searches, and they enable a wearer to take photos or videos with the built-in camera. While still in its prototype stages, Project Glass has the potential to revolutionize computing and how we interact with the world around us.


    Fitbit Flex Bracelet

    The right information can be the key to staying active and building a healthy lifestyle. Instead of monitoring everything yourself, just put on a Flex bracelet by Fitbit. The bracelet will check steps taken, distance traveled, monitor your sleep habits, and much much more. You can easily check your friends stats and compete to see who can log the most activity.


    HzO Waterblock™

    Water and electronics never mix well. HzO’s Waterblock™ nanotechnology has the potential to save your electronics from a watery grave by making any gadget almost impervious to water, moisture, and humidity. Waterblock™ is a coat of blended molecules that protect electronic circuitry and components to ensure that whether you are heading for a quick swim or boat trip, you can know your precious phone or tablet will be safe by the water’s edge.



    Engage all of your senses when you use your smartphone with ChatPerf, a small accessory that plugs into the bottom of your iPhone. When a compatible app is used, the accessory will release a small amount of custom perfume. So now you won’t just hear or feel a new email or text from a loved one—you’ll be able to smell it too!


    Makerbot Replicator 2X

    3D printers have already begun revolutionizing how things are made and manufactured—now you can have your own piece of the 3D-printing revolution right in your own home. Simply download the appropriate schematics for everything from educational models, toys, lamps—to anything else your imagination can dream of!

    XBOX 720

    XBOX 720

    Microsoft describes the Xbox 720 (One) as “the ultimate all-in-one entertainment system – one system for a new generation.” The Xbox One is your entertainment solution incorporating all your living room needs, such as movies, TV, games, and certain Web apps. The power lies in the processor packing x64 8-core AMD CPU, USB 3.0 ports, 500GB hard drive and 8GB DDR3 RAM.


    Matrix Qube Pocket Speakers

    Now you have no excuse not to have great music for any occasion. These small, beautiful aluminum speakers can literally fit into your pocket, and still give you a rich, high-quality sound.


    Bio Robot Refrigerator

    Refrigerator’s haven’t changed much since they were originally designed—so it’s high time for some innovation in this household appliance. Enter the Bio Robot Refrigerator—comprised of biopolymer gel that will morph around any food and suspend it within the gel. Food is optimally cooled according to its type and can be organized in any way a user wants. Undoubtedly, this is one fridge that will turn heads!


    Z Board

    If you would prefer to skateboard instead of bike, the ZBoard is way ahead of the competition. The motor beneath the board detects when you lean forward, and gives you an additional speed of up to 18 mph. When you are ready to slow down and take it easy, lean back onto the rear of the board and let the regenerative braking system slow you down.



    Losing luggage or other precious items can be a pain and a hassle. Let your smartphone find your stuff for you by using Stick-N-Find, a tiny Bluetooth tracker that’s about the size of a quarter. Once the tracker is placed, you can use the accompanying app to find your remote, pet, or luggage anywhere in the world.

    Specialized Turbo

    Specialized Turbo

    For those bikers where speed is a priority, the Specialized Turbo is designed for speed. This electric bicycle with a sleek, streamlined urban design can hit a top speed of 4.5 kph. Throw in a quick charging time of 2.5 hours for the integrated battery, and you can be up and moving with lightning speed!

    Sean Mallany

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