by Sean Mallany

    Gadget Guide (Must Haves)

    Zeal HD Camera Goggles (Above) – $399 USD

    Sometimes words just are not enough when you want to describe how you shredded the mountain last weekend with your friends. Show off your snowy adventures with the Zeal HD Camera Goggles that record your ride with an integrated camera that takes up to 1080p quality video. Available from www.zealoptics.com

    nest thermostat

    Nest Thermostat – $249 USD

    Time to upgrade your old thermostat with a bit of 21st century technology. The stylish and sleek Nest learns your own heating and cooling preferences, and automatically adjusts throughout the day to save energy costs while keeping you comfortable. Adjust the Nest from afar with your smartphone to ensure your home is toasty warm by the time you get there! Available from www.nest.com$

    waterproof headset

    Surge Contact 2G Waterproof Headset – $69 USD

    Sometimes completing your laps at the local pool can be a little boring. Shake up your swimming with these earbuds to get the music pumping from your iPod or cell phone. You can even use the built-in microphone to receive or place calls while relaxing in the hot tub afterwards! Available from www.h20audio.ca

    switch 8 solar recharging kit

    Switch 8 Solar Recharging Kit – $119.99 USD

    Stop the search for wall plugins, and go green by powering your gadgets with the sun! Use the Switch 8 Solar Recharging Kit from Goal Zero. The Switch 8 recharges in just five hours of sunlight, and you are ready to go with everything from your smartphone to your laptop. Small and lightweight, the Sherpa 50 is easy to throw into a bag or purse and ensure that you’ll never be searching for power again! Available from www.goalzero.com

    nest rest

    Nest Rest

    Pulling design cues from a bird’s nest, this hanging lounger looks like the perfect place to land for a quick nap, meeting, or just to relax. Available at www.dedon.de

    tonx coffee

    Tonx Coffee Subscription – Starting at $24 USD for Two Shipments

    Everyone needs a little coffee in the morning to get moving. Sometimes it can be a hassle to please coffee lovers who may want something a little more unique than the usual Starbucks fare. Tonx solves this problem by gathering, roasting, and shipping unique coffee from all over the world straight to your door. Using a subscription model, users receive new coffee every other week shipped right to their doorstep. Assuming you can reach the doorstep before you’ve had your first cup of morning joe. Available online at www.tonx.org

    brookstone iceless wine chiller

    Brookstone Iceless Wine Chiller – $99 USD

    Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to head out and get some ice to chill a drink. Stay at home with this iceless wine chiller to cool (or warm!) your favorite wine to the perfect temperature as chosen by the device’s built-in database. Available online at www.brookstone.com

    pebble watch

    Pebble Watch – $150 USD

    Watches have been a stable accessory for both women and men trying to stand out from the crowd. Pebble is more than just an accessory that looks good; it is designed to sync information with your smartphone and access apps. Silently vibrating to let you know about new phone calls, text messages, or letting a user change music and track statistics on the fly, this watch brings both form and function to someone looking for a unique new time piece. Available from www.getpebble.com


    Olloclip For iPhones – $69.99 USD

    No one can doubt the lightning fast improvements in mobile phone cameras. But there are still times when budding photographers want more flexibility than mobile phone cameras can provide. Enter the Olloclip: a removable lens that quickly snaps on and off the camera lens on an iPhone. Providing a user with a wide-angle, fisheye, and macro lens all in a tiny plastic piece that fits into a pocket. Aavailable at www.olloclip.com

    coffee cup power inverter

    Coffee Cup Power Inverter – $34.99 USD

    When you are running low on power, you reach for that nearby cup of coffee. Now your electronics can too by plugging them into this unique power adaptor that fits right into your cup holder. Available from www.thinkgeek.com

    Sean Mallany

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