by Tina Olivero


    What has 3100 new job opportunities, 24 million in funding for fiber optics, and a 13 percent increase in air passenger traffic? That’s right…

    Way up north in the majestic ­Labrador landscape lies a wealth of opportunity and growth that will, once again, catapult the province of ­Newfoundland and Labrador to an all-time high.

    Nestled into the capital of Labrador is Goose Bay, a place well known for its ­military bases and strategic global ­positioning for ­international flights. In Goose Bay, the ­Labrador North Chamber of ­Commerce (LNNC) has exciting times ahead. ­Stirling ­Peyton, president of LNNC, and his team serve the central Labrador business ­community through a variety of programs, services, and special events. Not just any old business association, the LNNC has engaged an unprecedented level of creativity—and they will even organize your events for you. Just what you need in the new and remote regions of the North!

    The chamber works closely with ­surrounding communities, economic development ­agencies, relevant government and ­community groups, and local businesses to partner on initiatives in the region.

    With the onset of the new Muskrat Falls ­hydroelectric project, opportunities are ahead: there are billions of dollars for the making. The question is “Where is your piece of the pie?” That’s one of the primary functions of LNCC, to support you in your next business ­venture, connect you with the right people, and ­support you as you embark onto new terrain.

    The hydroelectric combined potential of ­Muskrat Falls and Gull Island (3,000 ­megawatts) makes the lower Churchill ­River in Labrador, the best underdeveloped ­hydroelectric source in North America.

    Sanctioned in December 2012, construction on the Muskrat Falls Project will begin and continue for the next five years with first power expected in 2017. The benefits of the project will be felt for generations to come—on ­electricity bills, in generating revenue for the province, among the labor force, and throughout the business community as a whole.

    The construction of Muskrat Falls will mean significant economic benefits for Newfoundland and Labrador, including the following:

    • $1.9 billion in income to labor and business
    • $320 million in average income benefits per year
    • $290 million in taxes to the government of Newfoundland and Labrador

    The Newfoundland and Labrador economy will also gain from employment associated with building the Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Generation Facility and the associated transmission links, including these benefits:

    • 3,100 direct jobs at peak employment
    • 1,500 direct jobs per year on average across more than 70 occupations
    • 9,100 person-years of direct employment

    Supporting the people in his community, Stirling Peyton says, “I am honored to once again lead the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce into 2013. As always, I look forward to the challenges that come with the position, as well as the many, many rewards. As I often say, success comes from the people involved.”

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