by Tina Olivero

    Capturing Essence

    No longer are the corporate mug shots the standard of the business-world day. Images that we use for our business cards, brochures, corporate profiles and social media solutions require a whole new standard. We are in times of creative expression, and portraying the people we live and work with in new and unique ways is essential.

    We are bored of serious stills and the power pout! We are tired of the same old office, desk and CEO expression for what business is really like. In this new era of image-based communication, we are demanding something more—something deeper, more meaningful and more connected.

    Business is a network of connections and conversations that bind us together to work toward desired goals and outcomes. Connections are paramount. Understanding what makes us tick and what makes us succeed are the keys. Understanding the true nature of a person, their self-expression, is what it’s really about.

    Very few business marketing people and photographers understand this. And then … every so often, you come across a gem photographer who does. Nicole Winters is the artist behind a camera lens that seeks to capture the essence of the people she works with.

    Nicole says, “My photography is an art. Capturing the essence of someone in the energy business is not haphazard; it’s very methodical and intentional, all the while leaving things open enough for my creativity to come through.”

    Nicole says, “Here’s how I do it. First, I do the background research on my client to get the very basics of who they are. I look them up online and get a sense of what they are up to in the world. Then I look for all the ways that I can create synergy and commonality between us. This is important because all people connect when they realize where we are the same.” Nicole adds, “Once that’s clear, I choose a location that’s true to what needs to be conveyed within the project.

    My photographs could happen in a book store, in nature or in a very unique location. But not necessarily where you might expect. Once the client and I are together, I set out to intentionally create a meeting of openness and vulnerability. If I’m open and vulnerable, automatically, my clients feel comfortable enough to do the same.

    We all relate to people based on our own perception of ourselves and experiences we have had. I create relatedness and trust in the space. Once that’s established anything can happen from there.

    We are free to get an endless set of images that convey who the person really is. A place where that person is seen as approachable, lovable, likeable, trustworthy and open, and a person they really want to connect to and do business with. There you have it—my secret to capturing essence!”

    What’s very clear about Nicole’s approach to capturing a client’s essence is that the open approach, the vulnerability, and the commonalities all lead to connection. Today the corporate culture requires not only that we learn to connect with others, but that we master it. We love it when we connect with others.


    Tina Olivero

    30 years ago, Tina Olivero looked into the future and saw an opportunity to make a difference for her province and people. That difference came in the form of the oil and gas sector. Six years before there was even a drop of oil brought to the shores of Newfoundland, she founded The Oil and Gas Magazine (THE OGM) from a back room in her home on Signal Hill Road, in St. John’s, Newfoundland. A single mother, no financing, no previous journalism or oil and gas experience, she forged ahead, with a creative vision and one heck of a heaping dose of sheer determination. With her pioneering spirit, Ms. Olivero developed a magazine that would educate, inspire, motivate and entertain oil and gas readers around the world — She prides herself in marketing and promoting our province and resources in unprecedented ways. The OGM is a magazine that focuses on our projects, our people, our opportunities and ultimately becomes the bridge to new energy outcomes and a sustainable new energy world. Now diversifying into the communications realms, a natural progression from the Magazine, The OGM now offers an entirely new division - Oil & Gas Media. Today, The Oil and Gas Magazine is a global phenomenon that operates not only in Newfoundland, but also in Calgary and is read by oil and gas enthusiasts in Norway, Aberdeen, across the US and as far reaching as Abu Dhabi, in the Middle East. Believing that Energy is everyone’s business, Ms. Olivero has combined energy + culture to embrace the worlds commitment to a balance of work and home life as well as fostering a foundation for health and well being. In this era of growth and development business and lifestyle are an eloquent mix, there is no beginning or end. Partnering with over 90 oil and gas exhibitions and conferences around the world, Ms. Olivero's role as a Global Visionary is to embrace communication in a way that fosters oil and gas business and industry growth in new and creative ways.

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