by Khayyam Wakil

    Must Have Apps – Spring 2012

    See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil

    Planning, Travelling and Organizing It All

    justmeans Pinterest:
    Millions have flocked to this photo-sharing platform. Pinterest brings similar tastes together and creates a collaborative curation platform. I spend twenty minutes of my day to be inspired and translate that back into an effective work day. I’m in it to pin it.
    green genie Kayak:
    All my travel is booked through Kayak. No need for an assistant any longer. Hotel, car rental or fl ights, they’re all handled. Best thing to happen to me.
    Fooducate Viddy:
    This is your chance to be the director of your own movies! Viddy allows you to apply cinemagraphic filters and soundtracks. They even let you buy Production Packs from the likes of Incubus, Linkin Park, moviebox and Snoop Dog to help you out. It’s perfect for capturing those moments that only require but a few seconds to tell a story. Don’t take my word for it, try it!.
    EyeSpyFX TripIt:
    Lovely companion application for travel. An email confi rmation for your flight, car rental or hotel is received in your inbox, TripIt pulls it in and aggregates all your travel information in one easily accessible spot. No more fumbling around to fi nd your reservation numbers or travel information. Legend!
    greenwars Spotify:
    Any song at your fi ngertips at any given moment. This is the main reason this service is so successful. Ports my music collection to all my devices and with a paid subscription, I can listen to them offl ine. Brilliant syncing and makes my day time and time again.
    Lookout Wunderlist:
    Every one has a to-do list—this one is truly wonderful. Syncs with any device or platform you can think of. The best part, you can create lists offl ine and they will sync up when you come back online. The best GTD application on the market, in my opinion.

    Streamlined communication is essential

    Consume content like you’re a king

    SplashID Gmail:
    Whether you use it for personal or business, this is command central. I use mine to port five email addresses to keep me linked in at all times. The chat and call features help centralize communications.
    Knottycase Feedly:
    There is so much content out there and most of it gets lost. We all have our favorites and Feedly keeps track of them, syncs with Google Reader and allows you to find new content within your preferences and parameters.
    iRecycle Google Voice:
    Forward any call to any number, transcribe voice mails in browser extensions to text and call. A lifesaver for international business.
    Lookout Read It Later:
    Great supplement to Feedly or any web browsing. Save articles to read later offline. Perfect for NYC subway rides or catching up on a flight.
    RSA Skype:
    The virtual offi ce is not complete without this. Video conferencing, conference calls and even long distance calls. One central hub for communications. A defi nite requirement for any business to be done. Get skype for mac today
    Knottycase Pulse:
    Presents content in a sexy way that just wants to be devoured. Similar to Feedly, however, the catalogs are stacked full of the most recommended sources of information out there to keep you up to date with relevant content that you align with.
    Khayyam Wakil

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