by Tina Olivero

DuPont Integrated Approach (DnA) For Safety Webinar

Accelerate Your Company’s Performance!

DnA for Safety is a new approach to safety that takes into account how and why people make decisions.  Learn how your company leaders can influence change and strive for excellence in safety.


Dupont Webinar Joe White
Joe White Business Process Consultant - DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Joe is a seasoned executive with 22 years of operational experience at the DuPont Spruance site — the company’s largest operating plant. At the Spruance site, Joe has served in a number of safety-related roles working with contractors, wage roll employees, labor representatives, business leadership, and regulatory authorities. In his current role, Joe leads the implementation of the DuPont Integrated Approach (DnA) for Safety, an offering which incorporates cognitive psychology as a solution strategy to help organizations move beyond plateaued safety performance.

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