parth vaidya

Parth Vaidya

3rd Year, B.Tech (Hons.)-Civil-Construction Technology, Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology (CEPT) University, India

“There’s no age for invention to begin.”

I can define myself as a young social thinker, with interest, work and achievements in varied fields of environment & sustainable energy. I was the recipient of India’s highest technology innovation award: National Innovation Foundation (NIF) IGINTE Award 2010 & winner at the International Student Sustainable Energy Competition 2013. I am striving to promote energy sensibility in youth across the globe, by successful Indian Youth representation at 7 international energy events.

We asked Parth:

The OGM: As you embark on your career path, how important is the culture of the organization you choose?

Parth: Every organization’s work base is synchronized with its culture. Culture and working atmosphere of an organization are therefore very important to me. It’s important to select a working place where respect, free expression and a sharing culture are fostered.

The OGM: Describe the impact work flexibility will have on your career path.

Parth: Freedom and flexibility are two things that make any work easier, entertaining & perfect.
While selecting a career path, the theme of work flexibility will be highly considered.

The OGM: What does a strong cohesive, team-oriented culture at work mean to you?

Parth: As the word “cohesive” implies, a strong team means the best bonding and understanding amongst team members. Team oriented work culture allows for the best ideas & work methodologies.

The OGM: Is a transparent work environment in regards to compensation, rewards and career development important to you? If so, why?

Parth: Transparency in a work environment is a difficult parameter to achieve for any organization. Yes, it is surely important to be a part of transparent organization. Often discrepancy is made in promotions and rewards due to unfair work politics, this definitely harms employee relationships and diminishes transparency.

The OGM: How does technology impact your day-to-day?

Parth: With booming advancements in science research & development, fresh technologies are capturing the common market. For me, and most young people, the day begins and ends with technology: ICT, mobile phones, tablets, laptops. It is nearly impossible to think of finishing any task without the use technology.

The OGM: Are acknowledgment and support an integral component to your career needs? If so, how?

Parth: As a child, I used to wonder why people distribute certificates. Today I can say that acknowledgement/certification for your valuable work boosts confidence to the next level. It is crucial that efforts are acknowledged in good spirit in order to build motivation for the future.

The OGM: Tell us about a struggle you faced when transitioning into the workforce?

Parth: I am not yet fully employed. However, having had many experiences in team-based environments, I can say that the greatest challenge in a work environment is to align your perspective with each member’s opinion and deliver ideas based on consensus.

The OGM: For other students just figuring things out, what words of encouragement would you offer?

Parth: I always begin any of my speech/motivation letters, with a saying:
“There is no age for invention to begin”. Achievements & inventions make no discrepancy with age.

My words of encouragement for students:

– Best time to capture knowledge is student life. Don’t limit your scope of study.

– Keep yourself fully updated – key to survival in the face of tough, populated competition.

– Believe in destiny. Always put 100% into all your efforts.

The OGM: Did you always know what you wanted to do?

Parth: There comes a point in everyone life’s when we realize what purpose we are meant for in this world. The same applies to me. I came to this realization through my involvement in my first environmental project on Grey Water Management, at age 15.

The OGM: Where does/would your sense of satisfaction come from at work?

Parth: Sources of satisfaction:

-My parents are happy and proud to see me working as I am.

-My work/efforts get optimum appreciation & reward.

-Whatever I do has a stake in making our mother earth pure & sustainable.

The OGM: How important are further education and training to your career development?

Parth: Education & gaining knowledge is a continuous life-long process. As I move forward in my career development, it will be super important to continue my education.

The OGM: How did you differentiate yourself in the workplace as a Millennial?

Parth: Youngest committee member (age 18) on the National Special Committee of Environment, Ministry of Environment, Govt of India.

The OGM: If you could be stuck in an elevator with anybody, who would it be?

Parth: Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, MissileMan of India, H’Bl Ex President of India.

The OGM: Did you pursue University right after high school?

Parth: Yes.

The OGM: Will/Did your University program play a role in your career path? If not, why?

Parth: It will surely play an important role. My career goals have been directly molded by my experiences at university.

The OGM: What are the three most important aspects you feel an organization should offer to retain a Millennial?

Parth: 1. Freedom, 2. Lively atmosphere, 3. Timely appreciations.

The OGM: Describe your ideal organization, one that you could grow and develop your career in?

Parth: Space & freedom to work as an individual, opportunity to express new ideas/innovations, healthy work culture, recreational sessions/stress relieving breaks

The OGM: From a scale of 1 to 10 how important are the following: incentives and rewards, compensation, training and development, global opportunities? 1 being least important.

Parth: Incentives & Rewards: 9, Compensation: 8, Training & Devp: 10, Global Opportunities: 10

The OGM: Tell us about your most memorable achievement or milestone thus far?

Parth: Receiving National Innovation Foundation IGNITE Award (for Domestic Grey Water Management project), by H’ble President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, in 2010. -Winning International Student Sustainable Energy Competition at UNEP, Nairobi, Kenya, organized by RED Engineering London, for project on Low Carbon Sustainable Neighbourhood Development, in 2012. – Representing the Indian Government as a youth delegate at 7 international conferences.


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