by Aaryn Lambert

    50 Grades of Oil Masquerade Ball 2013

    April 19, 2013
    CLB Armoury, 72 Harvey Road, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

    The Masquerade party in St. John’s Newfoundland was a celebration of mystery, intrigue, suprises, dancing, fun, exotic foods and amazing attire.  The OGM is proud to leave you with the memories of this event.  Take a look, download any and all you’d like.  Share them with friends.  HAVE FUN!   If you’d like to partner with us and create your own event.  We can do that!  If you’d like to book tickets for next year, you can do so right here to ensure you don’t miss out:

    tina@theogm.com (Newfoundland)

    Did you enjoy this event?

    • Tina Olivero

      The dress code is as you wish! your own special flair. Tux, tie or bow tie, gowns, cocktail dresses or mini’s. We have masks at the door for you!

    • ange

      what would the dress code be for something like this?

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