Business Impact Series

In the following articles over the coming year, The OGM is launching a Business Impact Series where we intend to produce a breakthrough in the value a publication can deliver. There may be side effects—an unexpected questioning of everything you know, finally realizing that enjoying your life as much as possible is more important than bigger numbers, or you may find yourself suddenly able to program your VCR, even though you don’t have one anymore. Read on at your own risk.

We believe we have something of exceptional value in the “World of Business”, and it will take a little more creativity, on our part, to provide a powerful experience that will produce unprecedented results. Let’s just say we are breaking the mold on magazines!

Throughout this Impact Series you will discover articles, audio files, and videos that are designed to give you access to a whole new level of results. What can you expect? Expect a twelve months series, working with Anurag Gupta. Anurag will be presenting a dynamic, multimedia, insightful, irreverent, definitely at times politically incorrect, and if applied, a VERY effective approach to business.

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