by Tina Olivero

    ExxonMobil’s Commitment to Newfoundland and Labrador: A Future of Energy and Innovation

    By Tina Olivero, The OGM

    A New Perspective on Newfoundland and Labrador

    Kerry Moreland, President of ExxonMobil Canada, shared her vision and optimism for the future of Newfoundland and Labrador’s energy sector during a recent Energy NL conference. As a newcomer to the region, having moved from Houston, Moreland expressed her fascination with the bustling harbor and the community’s deep connection to the energy industry.

    Kerry Moreland, President of ExxonMobil Canada

    A Legacy of Investment and Opportunity

    ExxonMobil Canada has been a cornerstone in the region for over 50 years. Moreland emphasized the company’sconsistent approach to building a strong operational foundation, focusing on safety, reliability, and environmental performance. She noted, “Our industry has a unique opportunity to make a real difference for communities and families, and the people working in this industry understand their impact deeply.”

    Current Projects and Future Plans

    The Hebron and Hibernia projects stand as testaments to ExxonMobil’s long-term commitment. The company has been investing significantly in these projects and related exploration activities. Highlighting recent achievements, Moreland said, “Our team executed the longest turnaround to date for Hebron, completed ahead of schedule and without any injuries.”

    Moreland also shed light on the ongoing development and future potential of these projects. The Hibernia project, initially expected to have an 18-20-year lifespan, has surpassed expectations and continues to benefit the province well beyond its original timeline. The Hebron team has also completed a rig recertification and upgrade project, logging extensive work hours to enhance reliability and capabilities.

    Innovative Exploration and Technological Advancement

    ExxonMobil is not just maintaining its current operations but also investing in the future. The company undertakes significant 4D-seismic campaigns to enhance production at Hebron and Hibernia. “This data helps us understand where we drill in the future and how we best design the wells to access the maximum resource,” Moreland explained.

    Moreover, the company’s exploration efforts in the Orphan Basin with the Persephone will underscore its commitment to pushing boundaries. The well, located offshore in ultra-deepwater, represents a significant technological and economic challenge, as Persephone is in about 3,000 meters of water.

    The well will be drilled in an area of the seabed called the Orphan Basin, which is north of the Flemish Pass Basin, where Equinor is considering developing the country’s first deepwater oil production operation, called Bay du Nord. Moreland acknowledged the complexity of such projects, stating, “Finding a way to make such an opportunity financially viable requires creativity, talent, and technological advancements.”

    Building a Sustainable Future

    ExxonMobil Canada’s investment extends beyond oil and gas. The company is heavily involved in the local research and development ecosystem, partnering with post-secondary institutions and organizations like Energy Research & Innovation Newfoundland and Labrador (ERINL). Moreland highlighted their focus on emerging fields such as artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing, as well as their steadfast support for STEM programs.

    “We are excited to be a part of the innovation and R&D ecosystem. It allows us to both contribute to and gain new insights from this valuable community and increase the pool of trained personnel in key emerging industries,” Moreland said.

    Community Engagement and Industry Collaboration

    Moreland emphasized the importance of community and collaboration. She highlighted the indirect benefits of the industry’s support for local charities. “The support for charities is an indirect benefit from our industry, which contributes so richly to the province,” she noted.

    In her remarks, Moreland called for continued cooperation among all stakeholders, including employees, contractors, co-venturers, Energy NL members, and government entities. “It is essential that our team, our co-venturers, Energy NL and its members, and the provincial and federal governments work together to create the right environment to attract investment.”

    About the Author: Tina Olivero is a prominent writer for TheOGM.com, bringing insightful coverage of the energy industry’s impact on communities and the environment.

    Tina Olivero

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