by Tina Olivero

Revolutionizing Travel: Switchblade Flying Car Soars to New Heights with European Patent & Record-breaking Sales

In the fast-paced world of innovation, where the skies meet the road, the Switchblade flying car by Samson Sky is leaving a trail of excitement and groundbreaking achievements. Buckle up for a journey through the clouds and on the asphalt as we explore the latest milestones of the Switchblade, a high-performance marvel that’s redefining the way we travel.

Breaking Barriers: European Union Grants Patent for Wing-Swing Design

In a move that elevates Samson Sky to new heights, the European Union has granted a patent for the wing-swing design of the Switchblade flying car. This design, a pivotal feature of the Switchblade, allows the wings and tail to retract seamlessly into the vehicle, offering unparalleled protection while on the road. Sam Bousfield, the visionary CEO and designer of the Switchblade, emphasized the significance of this patent, stating, “Having these design patents on the wing-swing is a vital safeguard for Samson. No other flying car has ever had that feature.”

This patent marks a significant milestone for the Oregon-based company, bringing its total patent count to six, with more in the pipeline. Samson Sky’s relentless pursuit of innovation is not only shaping the future of personal transportation but also setting a new standard for flying cars globally.

Soaring to Success: $5.5MM in Orders and Global Media Frenzy

Fresh off the exhilarating first flight of the Switchblade, announced on November 9, 2023, Samson Sky reports a staggering addition of over $5.5MM to their order books in just the past few weeks. The media coverage surrounding the maiden flight has reached a colossal potential audience of over 220 million people, propelling the Switchblade into the limelight.

Sam Bousfield shared his enthusiasm, stating, “To say that our investors are very excited about our huge milestone of the Switchblade’s official first flight is definitely an understatement. The congratulations and votes of confidence just keep pouring in!” The Switchblade is not just a technological marvel; it’s a sensation capturing the imagination of people worldwide.

Unveiling the Switchblade: A Hybrid Electric Marvel

What sets the Switchblade apart from the crowd is its unparalleled performance both on the road and in the air. This flying sports car boasts a maximum driving speed of 125+ mph (201 km/h) and an estimated maximum flight speed of 190 mph (305 km/h). The engine powers the wheels on the ground and the propeller in the air, seamlessly transitioning between two modes of transportation.

Samson’s Switchblade features a groundbreaking Skybrid™ hybrid electric drive system, utilizing unleaded auto gas instead of leaded aviation fuel. Imagine fueling up your flying car at any ordinary gas station! This unique system not only provides convenience but also sets the stage for future all-electric versions of the Switchblade, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in personal aviation.

Sky-High Versatility: Transformative Travel with the Switchblade

The Switchblade’s innovative design extends beyond its hybrid propulsion system. Picture this: from your garage, you drive your street-legal Switchblade to a nearby airport. Once there, the vehicle seamlessly transforms from driving to flying mode, allowing you to soar through the skies to the airport closest to your destination. Upon landing, the Switchblade effortlessly reverts to driving mode, enabling you to cover the last few miles on the road.

Seating two side-by-side with ample room for travel bags, the Switchblade offers both practicality and exhilaration. With an impressive flying range of up to 500 miles on a single tank of gas, this flying car opens up new possibilities for travel, making it a game-changer in personal transportation.

The Future of Travel Takes Flight with the Switchblade

As the Switchblade by Samson Sky continues to break records and redefine personal transportation, it’s clear that the future of travel is no longer confined to the roads. The European patent for the wing-swing design and the unprecedented surge in orders underscore the Switchblade’s influence on the aviation landscape.

Buckle up, because the Switchblade is not just a car; it’s a revolutionary concept, a testament to human ingenuity, and a symbol of limitless possibilities in the skies. Samson Sky’s Switchblade is soaring to new heights, and the journey is just beginning.

For more information about the Switchblade and to follow its progress into production, visit: www.SamsonSky.com

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