by Steve Lloyd

    G-TEC Air Compressor workstation is industry game-changer

    Regardless of whether the business is an automotive workshop, a small-to-medium-sized manufacturing company, or indeed any type of operation that simply needs dry and clean compressed air, the new G-TEC Air Compressor from FPS provides a complete compressed air workstation with ‘game-changing’ capabilities. This 6-in-1 offer comprises a high-performance compressor, refrigerated dryer, dual filtration, 270/500-litre air receiver, oil-water separator, and controller, making the G-TEC Air Compressor the optimal and most convenient choice, for a whole host of applications.

    Avoiding the need for many individual components that typically form part of a complex compressed air system, the G-TEC workstation features an integrated and modular design that saves space, reduces installation, and improves efficiency. It delivers outstanding performance, producing a consistent supply of compressed air to power a wide range of pneumatic tools and machinery. With its high-efficiency motor and innovative design, this complete workstation also meets the growing demand for more sustainable and cost-effective compressed air solutions.

    G-TEC workstations from FPS are available with a range of 7.5 to 22kW with pressure from 8 to 13 bar. The high-efficiency screw compressors ensure optimal productivity and reliability. Importantly, the workstation comes with a 270 or 500-litre receiver and an integrated dryer and filters. The result? Clean, dry air for quality-assured pneumatic operations that lead to reduced downtime and maintenance costs and Indeed, reduced corrosion within pipes that also means fewer product rejects, and fewer costly air leaks, delivering yet more savings.

    Another integral component of the G-TEC Air Compressor workstation is the condensate oil-water separator, supplied as standard by FPS to reduce environmental pollution. Furthermore, the intuitive built-in control panel makes using the G-TEC workstation easy to use for operators of all skill levels.

    Among the businesses that can take advantage are automotive workshops. From tyre centers to body repair shops, the task of paint spraying and when using general garage equipment can benefit from the fixed and variable-speed models of the G-TEC Air Compressor line-up. As a particular point of note, noise output is exceptionally low.

    Further applications include pneumatic tools on production/assembly lines, woodworking tools such as sanders and staplers, and plasma/laser cutting. In all cases, the outcome is the same: high-quality, professional compressed air delivery with economy and sustainability in mind. When operating variable-speed models, the remarkable energy-saving capabilities of the G-TEC Air Compressor workstation render it an environmentally responsible choice that also reduces operational costs by as much as 30%.

    With its fully integrated components, the compact design of the G-TEC Air Compressor makes it ideal for any customer where space is at a premium. This, when combined with straightforward installation and maintenance, allows the G-TEC workstation user the benefit of a hassle-free and highly cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

    “Users of the G-TEC Air Compressor can achieve the perfect balance between power and efficiency, ensuring that your compressed air needs are met without excessive energy wastage,” states Moiz Palaci, Director of FPS Air Compressors. “At FPS, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers. Our G-TEC Air Compressor is no exception, boasting a range of features that make it the ideal choice whenever low noise, energy efficiency, convenience, and reliability are primary demands.”

    Purchase, lease, and rental options are available.

    For detailed information on the G-TEC range of air compressors please visit: www.fps-compressors.co.uk/gtec.html

    Steve Lloyd

    Marketing agents specialising in industrial and technical accounts.

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