by Tina Olivero

    Canadian Marine Careers Foundation: Promotes the Exciting World of Marine Opportunities

    August 30th, 2023

    The Canadian Marine Careers Foundation (CMCF) announced the release of its comprehensive set of educational materials designed to ignite curiosity and inspire career seekers to dive into the diverse opportunities within the marine sector. Developed in consultation with industry stakeholders and educators, this first-of-its-kind package of unbranded materials is visually appealing, interactive, and available in both English and French.

    Targeting middle and high school students, as well as second-career seekers, the educational materials aim to raise awareness about Canada’s vibrant marine sector and showcase the multitude of rewarding career paths it offers. By providing a glimpse into the world of marine careers, the CMCF is addressing current and projected labor shortages and demonstrating how individual aspirations align with the industry’s future.  Through these materials, the CMCF aims to engage and inspire the next generation of marine professionals, contributing to the sustained growth and development of Canada’s marine sector. 

    “Our new educational materials outreach package represents a significant milestone in our mission to create awareness and attract a diverse cohort of individuals who are passionate about marine careers. This is something that we’ve identified as a major need for stakeholders across the country,” said Julia Fields, Executive Director of the Canadian Marine Careers Foundation. 

    The creation of this package was generously sponsored by the Chamber of Marine Commerce. Their support has made a significant impact on the CMCF’s ability to provide valuable educational resources for the continued promotion of marine careers. 
    The neutral package of content has been specifically designed for use by public and private organizations, educators, guidance counselors, and CMCF members across Canada. The materials include: 


    These engaging representations depict diverse individuals in various ship and shore roles within the marine sector. Each persona was designed to showcase one of the career motivators that young people identified as most important in last year’s National Youth Survey: advanced technology, career progression, environmental sustainability, work/life balance, adventure, and fulfilling work. 

    Digital Infographic: This visual overview of a port presents a comprehensive snapshot of the marine community, featuring vessels, land-side operations, and detailed information about each persona and their unique career paths. The infographic is hosted on a new resource page that includes links to the CMCF’s new marine careers job board, the “Why Marine” quiz, and an animated video, offering viewers a holistic understanding of the marine sector.


    This eye-catching poster serves as a summary of marine careers. Perfect for display in schools and offices, this resource visually encapsulates the opportunities available in the marine industry. A QR code leads to more information, including a short career quiz, making it an engaging and interactive tool. 

    Animated Video

    This short, illustrated video offers an engaging exploration of the marine industry and the endless possibilities it holds. This video serves as an excellent introduction for students, employees, and career seekers alike, igniting their interest in the marine sector. 


    The CMCF has designed 3 new brochures (about the marine sector as a whole; shoreside careers; and seafaring careers) as informative take-home materials to empower students and career seekers with the knowledge they need to pursue their marine ambitions. Each brochure provides actionable information to kickstart any marine career journey and outlines programs, training pathways, and career options. Each brochure includes a QR code that leads to further information, ensuring easy access to additional resources. 

    The “Why Marine” Quiz

    This interactive quiz adds an element of fun while educating classes or groups about the marine industry. 

    These educational materials are one vital component of the CMCF’s strategic initiatives aimed at fostering workforce excellence and providing valuable decision-making data within the marine sector. In addition, the Foundation is actively developing various other resources to support this mission, including the Imagine Marine portal, its Live Your Best Career video series, and continuous educational outreach efforts.

    About Canadian Marine Careers Foundation

    The Canadian Marine Careers Foundation (CMCF) was established in 2019 to bring together private sector employers, unions, educational institutions, and key public sector partners with maritime responsibilities, to jointly promote careers in Canada’s marine sector. Through its Imagine Marine campaign, the CMCF is reaching out to raise awareness of Canadian vessel and shore-based job opportunities in the marine sector for young people, second-career seekers, new citizens and equity-deserving groups.

    Tina Olivero

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