by Tina Olivero

    Morrow Batteries, Nordic Batteries & Eldrift join forces to build Norwegian battery supply chain

    28 AUGUST 2023

    Morrow Batteries of Arendal, Norway, announces it is entering into a strategic partnership with Nordic Batteries and Eldrift to develop complete battery packs for mobile and stationary battery energy storage solutions (BESS). The overall project and product pipeline amounts to 7 GWh until 2030.

    The three Norwegian companies will comprise a large part of the battery systems supply chain. Morrow will supply prismatic cells with the existing LFP technology and the next-generation LNMO-X chemistry.

    “We are incredibly excited to announce this Norwegian partnership. An integrated battery value-chain is critical to succeed in the global battery industry, and Norway is leading that race”, says Morrow CEO Lars Christian Bacher.

    “Norway has all the prerequisites to become a leading battery player in Europe: ample renewable energy at competitive prices, industrial leadership, materials and technological development tradition and culture. In addition, the Nordic model for tripartisanship and cooperation in the workplace helps put quality and products first and center,” he adds. 

    McKinsey & Co. has identified batteries as one of Norway’s principal potential green industries in the future. According to the consultancy, a rapid and broad strengthening of all parts of the battery value chain is needed to satisfy the global battery shortage. 

    Kongsberg-based Nordic Batteries will deliver state-of-the-art battery modules and packs of various sizes, battery management systems, and temperature control technology to Eldrift and other system integrators. Bryne-based Eldrift offers infrastructure solutions with these jointly developed battery packs to various mobile and stationary battery energy storage solutions.

    Morrow, the industrial technology company speeding up the energy transition, recently announced that it expects to produce the first next-generation LNMO-X batteries at its Customer Qualification Line during Q1 2024. The cell is a world-first with the configuration of this material.

    “We are honored and delighted to partner with Morrow Batteries, the leading Norwegian battery developer and producer. We are particularly impressed by Morrow’s innovative work to develop the next generation of more sustainable and competitive battery technology. We look forward to working with Morrow to realize that ambition, says CEO Jarle Gjøsæther of Nordic Batteries.

    The three Norwegian partnering companies will explore sustainable and efficient methods of production and will collaborate to reach short- and long-term sales agreements.

    “We are impressed by the work being done at Morrow in Arendal and Grimstad to develop the next generation of battery chemistry. The world needs green energy solutions, so our product demand is high. We are excited to play our part in this instrumental stage for an integrated Norwegian battery solutions value chain”, says CEO Jon Arne Hammersmark of Eldrift.

    About Nordic Batteries

    Nordic Batteries supplies battery modules, packs and energy systems for robust and secure energy supply to system integrators and various industries contributing to electrifying their operations. The battery systems include software for the control and operation of the containers with intelligent planning for optimized energy use at all levels. With its Industry 4.0 initiative, Nordic Batteries builds a fully automated agile battery assembly plant. The pilot plant is developed in the BATNET project and will be operational in Q1 24. The company has locations in Kongsberg and Høvik outside Oslo.


    About Eldrift

    Eldrift is a Bryne and Håland, Norwegian-based company that specializes in the development of mobile and stationary battery energy storage solutions. The company’s mission is to help customers optimize their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint through the use of sustainable and cost-effective energy storage solutions. Their goal is to contribute to the green shift and pave the way for the zero-emission construction site.


    Tina Olivero

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