by Tina Olivero

    The Elks Club – Oh What A Time!

    My earliest memory of the St. John’s Elks Club was when I was about 8 years old, hangin’ out at the Club with my ole man, Bob Olivero.

    Dad was one of the do-gooders who pitched up at The Elks Club on Friday afternoons for special events during the 70s and 80s. Time ticked on and I found myself getting married there on a very hot August 4, weekend. Family and friends gathered amongst the center city trees, with the smell of salty air rising up from the narrows all the way to the Elks club.

    We had a wicked ole’ time that day. I married Frank Shortall, God rest his soul. Kindest man, with a heart of gold. What a sight we all were at the wedding, five bridesmaids in pink dresses and in fashion, flat-top Bolero hats. We thought we were IT! We all stood among the hundred-year old trees which made the perfect backdrop for the pictures of our wedding. I’ll never forget it.


    That’s what the Elks Club was way back when. A sense of family, community and a place for the special moments of life. People who care about others, make memories and have a whole lot of fun. The Elks Club is a family-oriented, Canadian volunteer organization of men and women bringing together the community. The club’s mission is to promote and support charitable causes, community service, and youth activities and its local patrons with great events. Does that sound like a good place to visit?


    Recently, the St. John’s Elks Club renewed its commitment to our city by bringing together people and music in a big way. This new live music hub is a creative celebration of our unique music scene. And why wouldn’t they? St. John’s has more musicians per capita than anywhere else in Canada. It’s a Music Mecca. I call the downtown core all the way up to the Elks Club, our little Greenwich Village of St. John’s City. It’s a melting pot of local musical fare.

    Pop into the Elks Club and you’ll find St. John’s great singing talents like Judith Morrissey and Sherri Breen harmonizing the house down with the Road Side Attractions! Or you might catch a night with Mick Davis woo-wing the crowd with his Bob Dylan style tunes. It is something to behold.


    The Elks Club has a great dance hall that is perfect for larger live music events, as well there is a smaller intimate space that often draws a crowd of about 30 music-loving locals on a Friday afternoon.

    The music events have been a huge success, and the club quickly became known for its down-to-earth, close-knit, musical, local experiences.


    Rumors have it that there’s a matchmaker on the premises, so beware. You might end up smitten by the end of the night! Can’t say who it is though. If you are single, you’ll find out soon enough.


    The St. John’s Elks Club is a great example of how a community can come together through music-loving individuals who deeply care about our beautiful city and its people.

    People make a difference, and places come alive because of those people. Thanks to everyone at the Elks Club for transforming it into a music heaven.

    Tina Olivero

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