by Tina Olivero

    FuelPositive Provides Operational & Strategic Update & Successfully Fills Initial Pre-Sales Commitments

    May 02, 2023

    FuelPositive Corporation, a leading Green Ammonia company, is pleased to announce it has been running the final commissioning, along with process optimization, of its first farm-ready FP300 system. In addition to this, FuelPositive’s engineering team has kicked off the production of its first commercial systems which take advantage of these optimization advancements.

    “Over the past two months, we have finally received several key components and modules for completing our first system commissioning at our facility in Waterloo, Canada. It’s been a challenging year for manufacturing supply chains, but by strategically choosing multiple suppliers for key components and modules, we have overcome these uncertainties. And now we are steadily approaching the finish line!” stated Nelson Leite, COO and Director of the Company.

    Launch of FP1500

    FuelPositive is officially launching its latest model: the FP1500. This new upsized design is a turnkey system that consists of a stack of FP300s in one solution, providing 1500 kg per day of Green Ammonia. 

    The decision to offer this system was driven by customer demand from the Company’s pre-sales campaign, with multiple end users indicating an immediate need for FuelPositive systems of this scale and configuration. 

    “Multiple end-users in various sectors, including farms of 10,000+ acres, have indicated the immediate need for FuelPositive systems of this scale and configuration. The FP1500 will answer this larger scale, on-site need,” stated Ian Clifford, CEO and Board Chair of FuelPositive.

    FP300 Design Refinements

    The Company has successfully met its planned pre-sales capacity of 30 units and plans to deliver the first batch of commercial systems beginning in 2024. 

    Nelson Leite, COO and Director of FuelPositive, highlighted the company’s dedication to refining the FP300 design further as he and his team learn from their operational tests of the on-farm pilot system over the coming months. 

    “FuelPositive has already begun working with suppliers to ensure they are ready to scale up for the first production batch. This is expected to be the beginning of many announcements leading to revenue and profit generation within the first year of commercial production,” concluded Leite.

    About FuelPositive

    FuelPositive is a Canadian technology company committed to providing commercially viable and sustainable, “cradle to cradle” clean technology solutions, including an on-farm/onsite, containerized Green Ammonia (NH3) production system that eliminates carbon emissions from the production of Green Ammonia.

    By focusing on technologies that are clean, sustainable, economically advantageous and realizable, the Company aims to help mitigate climate change, addressing unsustainable agricultural practices through innovative technology and practical solutions that can be implemented now.

    The FuelPositive on-farm/onsite, containerized Green Ammonia production system is designed to produce pure, anhydrous ammonia for multiple applications, including fertilizer for farming, fuel for grain drying and internal combustion engines, a practical alternative for fuel cells and a solution for grid storage. Green Ammonia is also considered a key enabler of the hydrogen economy.

    FuelPositive systems are designed to provide for Green Ammonia production on-farm/onsite, where and when needed. This eliminates wildly fluctuating supply chains and offers end-users clean fertilizer, energy and Green Ammonia supply security while eliminating carbon emissions from the production process. The first customers will be farmers. Farmers use 80% of the traditional grey ammonia produced today as fertilizer.

    Source: fuelpositive.com

    Tina Olivero

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