by Tina Olivero

    First Tellurium Strategic Partner Co-authors Study on Advantages of Tellurium in Lithium-ion Batteries

    Jan. 25, 2023

    First Tellurium Corp., reports that its Strategic Partner Fenix Advanced Materials has participated in a significant new study on the game-changing potential of tellurium to revolutionize the charging and safety of lithium-ion batteries. The study, reported in the upcoming March edition of the technical journal Nano Energy, notes that tellurium offers “…a promising cathode to achieve long cycle life and high energy density for Li-S batteries.”

    The article, titled A high-performance tellurium-sulfur cathode in carbonate-based electrolytes, was co-authored by Fenix Advanced Materials’ founder and CEO Don Freschi.

    Freschi stated, “Our latest research on next-generation Lithium-Ion batteries has confirmed that tellurium will be a critical component for safer, quicker-charging, high energy capacity Lithium-Ion batteries for EVs and smaller electronics.”

    Tellurium has many advantages when incorporated into Lithium-Ion Battery Cathodes, Freschi noted, due to its high theoretical energy density (longer lasting charge), very good electrical conductivity (much quicker charging), and safety (not volatile).

    Fenix Advanced Materials, based in Trail, BC, has partnered with First Tellurium since 2019. Fenix is a clean technology company specializing in the manufacture of ultra-high purity (UHP) metals. They sell a variety of UHP metals for use in solar energy, telecommunications and commercial/military infrared markets and are currently working with UBC Okanagan and European partners to develop a solid-state, next-generation lithium-tellurium battery.

    The goal of the FTEL/Fenix Strategic Partnership is to develop potential future tellurium extraction and purification plus other synergies to achieve a vertically integrated enterprise for cleantech metals.

    “The work by Fenix reinforces our conviction that tellurium is becoming more and more essential for a green economy,” said First Tellurium President and CEO Tyrone Docherty. “Tellurium is already a crucial component for thin-film solar panels worldwide. New applications like Lithium-ion batteries will add to the metal’s importance as the world shifts away from fossil fuels towards electric vehicles.”

    About First Tellurium Corp.

    First Tellurium’s unique business model is to generate revenue and value through mineral discovery, project development, project generation and cooperative access to untapped mineral regions in the Indigenous territory with sustainable exploration.

    Our polymetallic (tellurium, gold, silver copper, tungsten) Deer Horn Project in British Columbia and Klondike tellurium-gold property in Colorado anchor a diversified search for metals, working in alliance with Indigenous peoples, NGOs, governments and leading metals buyers. This is the future of mineral exploration: generating revenue by exploring responsibly and leveraging diverse partnerships.

    First Tellurium proudly adheres to and supports the principles and rights set out in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and in particular the fundamental proposition of free, prior and informed consent.

    Tina Olivero

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