by Tina Olivero

    Norwegian DIY Chain Signs Frame Agreement for Pricer Electronic Shelf Labels

    Pricer’s partner StrongPoint has signed a frame agreement with Løvenskiold Handel AS, to supply and install Pricer Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) to their Maxbo stores in Norway.

    This will be the first-ever roll-out of ESLs at Maxbo stores, and installation is set to start in Q1 2023 and is expected to be completed by end of 2024. The value of the frame agreement is up to 45 MSEK, including the cost of installation and future technical support.

    “In light of increasing price competition and customer expectations in our industry, the agreement with StrongPoint is a key enabler for Maxbo’s new pricing strategy, ensuring updated and competitive prices at all times. Furthermore, customers will gain from even better service as automation of tasks frees up valuable time for employees. Throughout the procurement, process StrongPoint has stood out with its flexibility to meet our demands, ability to provide technical and commercial guidance, and proven track record of delivering large-scale rollouts. We look forward to a strong and long-lasting relationship,” said Carl Otto Løvenskiold, CEO of Løvenskiold Handel AS.

    “This is especially great news for Pricer and StrongPoint, coming on the back of our recently announced strengthened and expanded partnership. It is also fantastic to see that Maxbo has made a strategic choice to equip the DIY chain with a sustainable, reliable, and high-performance shelf-edge solution that will contribute to their digitalization moving forward,” said Magnus Larsson, acting CEO, of Pricer.

    “We are extremely proud to have signed an agreement with one of the major players in the Norwegian DIY market in a competitive tender. This is a perfect example of the spill-over opportunities of our strategy to first focus on the grocery segment and then expand. Our winning bid is a testament to our outstanding reputation for customer service and as a trusted long-term partner for retailers,” said Jacob Tveraabak, CEO of StrongPoint ASA. 

    About Pricer

    Pricer is a leading global technology company serving the rapidly growing smart retail market with in-store digital solutions that enhance both store performance and the shopping experience. Through electronic shelf labels, advanced technology, such as optical wireless communication and AI, and continuous innovation, Pricer offers the foundation for in-store communication and efficiency. The industry-leading Pricer platform delivers benefits from 30 years of deployment experience and is fast, robust, interconnectable, and scalable. Pricer was founded in Sweden in 1991 and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. 

    For further information, please visit  www.pricer.com

    Tina Olivero

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