by Tina Olivero

    Tiger XT – New Generation of VOC Detectors Designed to Deliver Enhanced Performance & Durability

    ION Science, the leading manufacturer of technologically advanced gas detection equipment has introduced a new range of rapid, accurate Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) detectors pairing tough, robust design, with unrivaled sensitivity and performance.

    The Tiger XT line-up retains all of the attributes of the well-established and trusted Tiger range including the award-winning MiniPID 2 sensor with its patented fence electrode technology, in an even stronger exterior molding. This makes it even more suitable for use in the most demanding environments.

    The new range comprises three models: the entry-level Tiger XTL Portable VOC Gas Detector; the Tiger XT Handheld VOC Detector; and the Tiger XT Select Benzene Gas Detector, which incorporates a 10.0 eV lamp within the MiniPID 2 sensor capable of detecting total aromatic compounds including benzene down to concentrations as low as 1 ppb.

    Each Tiger XT product has a humidity-resistant, anti-contamination design and an exterior semi-conductive thermoplastic elastomer outer molding, making it intrinsically safe. ETL, KGS, IECEx, and ATEX certified*, the range also boasts an ingress protection rating of IP65 – meaning it can withstand dusty environments and heavy rainfall.

    The range uses the very latest photoionization detection (PID) sensor technology, enabling a T90 response time of fewer than two seconds, putting it among the fastest and most accurate on the market. It can detect gases at levels as low as 1 ppb and can detect up to 20,000 ppm, giving it the broadest measurement range of any VOC detector on the market today.

    The new Tiger XT instrument range incorporates a push-to-release button for the rechargeable battery, allowing for a rapid, easy and secure connection. The charger cradle can typically charge the li-ion battery in 8 hours and can be mounted to the wall.

    Meanwhile, the integrated Tiger PC software enables users to configure the Tiger XT instrument to their precise needs while also setting calibration and bump test reminders.

    There is an extensive choice of accessories to accompany the range. These include car charger leads and flexi probes, enabling greater flexibility for VOC detection in hard-to-access places. An extended warranty of up to five years is also available, while an additional option is a specialist Fire Investigation Kit, for fire and arson investigators.

    Applications for the range are vast and include environmental and air quality monitoring; soil head space analysis; ground remediation; occupational health; emergency and hazardous material response; medical gases; fugitive emissions/leak detection and plant maintenance.

    ION Science Ltd Managing Director Duncan Johns explained: “Effective VOC detection is intrinsic to the safety of workers in a host of applications. It is vital that the equipment used has the best possible sensing technology, and ensures optimum, long-term, accurate performance.

    “Once again built around our independently acclaimed MiniPID 2 sensor, the new Tiger XT line-up offers the perfect solution for all budgets.

    “It delivers unrivaled performance in even the harshest environments through its technologically advanced sensor technology and the use of carefully selected materials delivering protection to internationally recognized standards.”

    Tina Olivero

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