by Tina Olivero

    5 Things Everyone Should Know About Autonomous Drone Delivery

    There is a lot of buzz about drones, especially regarding using the technology for delivery purposes. Many envision a future with drones to deliver everything from hot pizzas and restaurant takeout to prescription medications. The good news is that it will be here quicker than people realize, making it essential to know a few things about it, so people know what to expect.

    “Millions of people are ready for autonomous drone delivery and yesterday wasn’t soon enough for it to start,” says Dan O’Toole, founder, and chief executive officer of Dronedek. “We are making great strides in ensuring that drone delivery will be a widespread final mile delivery system shortly.”

    While many realize that drone delivery will be widely available, they still don’t know what to expect or how it will work. The more people get an idea of what it will look like and its many benefits, the more they are ready for it to be here today.

    Here are 5 things everyone should know about self-governing drone delivery:

    • Combined usage. Drone delivery will include a mixed use of autonomous and traditional delivery. This will consist of drones, ground robotics, self-driving trucks, and conventional manned-delivery methods. The systems will work together. For example, a self-driving truck may drive to a neighborhood where it releases drones and ground robotics to complete the last inch of the final mile of delivery to the person’s Dronedek.
    • Time savings. Autonomous delivery will save a lot of time. A study by the University of Kansas found that autonomous delivery can save a delivery person between 30-77% more time. A study by Nuro found that independent ground robotic delivery can cut down on errand runs, saving individuals around 87 hours (the equivalent of 11 vacation days).
    • Money savings. Drones will help make delivery methods cheaper, quicker, and more efficient. Not only will there be an absence of gas prices to contend with, but it will lead to more affordable delivery costs. Furthermore, Dronedek helps by eliminating missed deliveries, further cutting down carrier costs, and lowering consumer costs. 
    • It’s greener. Drone delivery is more environmentally friendly for getting things out to people. It’s been found that drones can have up to 94% lower energy consumption per package than other vehicles, according to a Ph.D. candidate in civil and environmental engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.
    • Safety matters. Using autonomous delivery systems helps improve safety issues. It was reported in The Atlantic that Self-Driving Cars Could Save 300,000 Lives Per Decade in America.

    “It’s an exciting time when you think about where we are headed with drone delivery,” adds O’Toole. “We are just now seeing the many ways we will all benefit from the transition. It’s better for the planet, safer for our companies, and helps ensure the packages make it to the people.”

     Dubbed the “mailbox of the future,” the receptacle will help people send and receive packages securely and safely and provides privacy. Founded by Dan O’Toole, Dronedek has raised $7.1 million, helping to bring the receptacles to market and launching pilot programs. The company has also recently announced a number of new partnerships across its MaaS (Mailbox as a Service) ecosystem, including A2Z Drone DeliveryHUSH Aerospace, and network provider Helium.

    About Dronedek

    Dronedek is one of the first companies in the world to focus on package security for traditional and autonomous delivery methods. The device will keep packages hot or cold, alert users to package arrivals or pickups, recharges drones and other electrical appliances, and in times of need, can even serve as an alert to emergency response services. An app controls everything from when the device is opened for delivery and retrieval to its emergency alarm features. Dronedek is a company offering a new way of sending and receiving packages of up to five pounds each and is destined to become an everyday utility service alongside internet, power, and water. The device provides a safe, secure method of delivery that keeps the items in a patented receptacle. The receptacle offers complete protection from the weather and would-be thieves. The company was founded by Dan O’Toole, a patent holder, and serial entrepreneur. The company is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    To learn more, visit the site: https://www.dronedek.com.

    Tina Olivero

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