by Tina Olivero

    Dronedek’s New Partnership with A2Z Drone Delivery Further Expands Global “Delivery Ecosystem of the Future”

    Dronedek announces its newest partner in its effort to build a new, autonomous delivery ecosystem that will give consumers a reliable, safe and eco-friendly way to receive and send packages. A2Z Drone Delivery is the ninth organization this year to join Dronedek’s growing network.

    For safe and reliable drone delivery to reach scale, carriers must be part of a wider network of supporting elements – an ecosystem – delivering to devices, like Dronedek smart mailboxes, that can securely receive and store those deliveries, says Dronedek’s CEO and Founder Dan O’Toole.

    “We’ve been very impressed with A2Z Drone Delivery over the last few years,” he said. “Partnerships like these are key to building the robust infrastructure needed for the future of delivery and commerce.”

    A 2020 Virginia Tech survey of consumers in Christiansburg, Va., where Alphabet’s Wing subsidiary conducted the nation’s most advanced residential drone delivery trial, revealed that 87 percent favored drone delivery.

    “The markets are showing that consumers want their orders as fast and cheap as possible, regardless of who’s bringing it to them,” said O’Toole. “Nothing will be gained if these goods are stolen, damaged, or inaccurately delivered.”

    Both Dronedek and A2Z Drone Delivery is focused on addressing consumer concerns of security, convenience, and reliability.

    “As drone delivery becomes part of mainstream logistics operations, it is imperative that service providers prioritize consumer safety in all operations. We are excited that our tethered drone delivery system will be integrated with the Dronedek smart mailbox,” said Aaron Zhang, CEO of A2Z Drone Delivery. “Our Rapid Delivery System enables payloads to be deposited from altitude, keeping spinning propellers away from people and property, mitigating intrusive rotor noise, and assuaging privacy concerns about drones near private residences.”

    Dronedek showcased its disruptive technology last August in Lawrence, Ind. The A2Z Drone Delivery tethered system was used to deliver food from local restaurants, including McDonald’s and Culver’s, and the world’s first deliveries of USPS First-Class mail were made to Dronedek smart mailboxes. 

    In addition to improving the experiences for businesses and consumers, a robust delivery ecosystem offers significant environmental and economic impacts. An August 2022 Carnegie-Mellon University study showed autonomous delivery services use 94% less energy than traditional delivery services. The global autonomous last-mile delivery market is expected to grow from $14.13 billion in 2021 to $47.69 billion in 2026, per Research and Markets’ Autonomous Last Mile Delivery Global Market Report 2022.

    About Dronedek:

    Dronedek is one of the first companies in the world to focus on package security for traditional and autonomous delivery methods. Designed to accept drone or robotic delivery, the Dronedek mailbox also accepts traditional First-Class mail delivery and is destined to become an everyday utility service like power or water.

    Learn more and invest in the delivery ecosystem of the future at startengine.com/dronedek or visit www.dronedek.com.

    About A2Z Drone Delivery, Inc.:

    A2Z Drone Delivery, Inc. develops innovative solutions to enable safe, accurate, and low-noise drone deliveries. Focused on last-mile UAV delivery systems, A2Z Drone Delivery is creating platforms capable of pushing drone delivery into the mainstream of logistics operations. Based in Los Angeles, C.A., A2Z Drone Delivery originated as a drone delivery project at Brown University in 2016 and now serves customers around the world who are leveraging its technology for a diverse array of applications.

    For more information visit: https://www.a2zdronedelivery.com/.

    Tina Olivero

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