by Tina Olivero

    Clear Sky Initiates Field Work at ELi Project

    Clear Sky Lithium Corp. (“Clear Sky” or the “Company”), a mineral exploration and development company focused on American lithium deposits to support domestic demand, is pleased to announce it has initiated a fieldwork program for its 100%-owned ELi claystone lithium project in central Nevada.

    The Company has engaged Tigren Inc. (“Tigren”) of Reno, Nevada to provide geological services. Tigren is a comprehensive discovery-focused services company that specializes in advancing under-explored properties through its technical field services. Tigren is controlled by Marco Montecinos, a director of the Company.

    Company CEO and Director, Patrick Morris, notes, “Lithium concentrations of 300ppm and above are considered prospective in nature. We are excited to build upon our initial grab sample results, which included a sample with over 1000ppm of lithium, and have our work plan get underway in Nevada. Tigren is scheduled to start the sampling program in early October to support the ongoing mapping program. We’ve got a solid foundation in terms of concept, team, jurisdiction, property, and plans for processing technology solutions to support the growing wave of demand for lithium products. We intend for this to be a busy season ahead as we continue to unearth the value and opportunity of this exciting sector.”

    The detailed work program will include an auger sampling program and detailed geological mapping of the project. The objective of the work program is to gain better resolution and further delineate the size, continuity, and shape of near-surface lithium mineralization at the ELi property as well as gain an additional understanding of exploration vectors and geological controls on lithium mineralization. The auger program is planned to optimize sample integrity and representation across the property.

    Located in Nevada’s Little Smokey Valley, the ELi property was first sampled in 2019. In June, we shared the current sampling conducted to date. Initial field work by Clear Sky consists of a surface sample dataset covering the property at a 200m x 450m grid and upgrading infill sampling over a historic sampling area. This dataset includes 134 grab samples with results ranging from 45 to 801ppm lithium with an average grade of 292ppm. As previously released, during a site visit during Q2 2022, additional surficial samples (n=4) were collected and ranged in grade from 278ppm to 1,023ppm Li with an average grade of 695ppm Li1.

    The lithium-bearing rocks within the project area are referred to as tuffaceous and other young tertiary sedimentary rocks in digital geologic models generated by the Nevada Bureau of Mines. This unit is believed to have a strong volcanic component. In northern Nye County, the unit is referred to as the Horse Camp Formation which correlates with the Esmeralda Formation in Mineral and Esmeralda Counties. It has also been correlated with older lake beds in southern Nye, Lincoln, Clark, and Humboldt counties. It corresponds to units Ts3 and Tts from the 1978 State map and is present in all counties of Nevada.

    Within the state, there are multiple lithium projects in a variety of early-to advanced stages. Nevada currently hosts the only operating lithium mine in the USA. The USGS’s first publication on sedimentary-hosted lithium (claystone lithium) wasn’t until 1991, making it one of the newer deposit types in exploration. On its Eli property, Clear Sky is actively investigating the presence and quality of lithium-bearing sedimentary deposits and their suitability as candidate feedstock for innovative next-generation extraction and processing technologies.

    Clear Sky Lithium advises the public that as part of its disclosure obligations as a public issuer, all material and regulatory filings can be found on www.sedar.com. We also invite the public to visit our website at www.clearskylithium.com and to sign up for our “news alerts” to be advised of future news releases and related company information. Please also ensure you watch our video which is now available on the website.

    About Clear Sky Lithium Corp.

    Clear Sky Lithium is an exploration and development company dedicated to the advancement of North American lithium deposits to support domestic demand. The Company holds interests in the Eli property in Nevada. The Company is also focusing on the development of claystone extraction and processing technologies aimed at delivering scalable efficiencies across the value chain in a sustainable manner. To find out more visit www.clearskylithium.com and watch our video.

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