by Tina Olivero

    Goltens Worldwide: Landmark Distribution Deal for Emsys Maritime’s CEMS

    Global service provider Goltens Worldwide has been appointed by UK-based maritime technology specialist Emsys Maritime Ltd as an authorized sales, installation, commissioning, and after-sales service partner for its Emsys-iS Marine Emissions Monitor and Emsys-PM Smoke Density Monitor products. The agreement applies globally except for South Korea.

    “In order to satisfy increasing interest from customers, we have been looking for a technically sound, physically robust CEMS solution that reliably and accurately reports on emissions under the harshest marine conditions. Given its technical capabilities and ease of installation and operation, we are confident in making Emsys’ proven and scalable solution available to our clients worldwide,” said Goltens’ Chief Operating Officer, Roy Strand.

    “Goltens is the ideal partner, with an excellent reputation as a service provider. Their global footprint allows us to offer installation, commissioning, and after-sales service in major ports around the world, while their experience in advising customers regarding environmental solutions and retrofitting those solutions is top-notch,” said Emsys Managing Director, Simon Brown. 

    Compact and flexible 

    The Emsys-iS system has become the market-leading emissions monitoring package for reporting methane slips and total emissions. Designed to provide the industry with a smaller, more flexible analyzer, it can be applied on a wide variety of vessels, both those fitted with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems and exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) and those without emissions control equipment installed.

    The Emsys-PM system additionally provides a simple, low-cost sensor that captures both smoke density and particulate matter (PM) measurements to give a complete emissions picture. Both products are ideal where space is tight and measurement needs to be fast across multiple stacks with a single instrument.

    Accurate and reliable

    Emsys’ Analytics V1.0 environmental reporting package integrates directly into the vessel providing the most accurate reporting of all measured pollutants/greenhouse gases (GHG) on a per-voyage or timeframe basis. With the off-ship transmission and remote diagnostics, it provides a one-stop, high-reliability emissions monitoring solution. Typically monitored GHG include CO2, CH4, and N2O, with traditional pollutants including NOx, SO2, CO, NH3, smoke density, and PM available as standard.

    Whether reporting emissions for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) purposes or for regulatory compliance, Emysys’ US- and EU-patented technology is fully Type Approved by ABS, DNV, and the Korean Register of Shipping, and certified by Lloyd’s Register and Bureau Veritas in multiple applications. Its products are currently installed on more than 200 vessels with a significant order book in the new build and retrofit markets. The company’s broad customer base includes leading merchant shipping, cruise, shipyard, and offshore operators.

    About Goltens

    Goltens is truly global, providing comprehensive engine services, in-place machining solutions, energy control solutions, and environmental compliance retrofits from 26 locations in 14 countries across the globe, serving more than 3,700 clients each year. https://www.goltens.com/

    About Emsys Maritime

    Emsys Maritime was founded to supply the maritime industry with the best possible smart measurement tools to help it achieve its long-term ‘green’ goals. The company’s platforms are unique patented technology that carries the highest level of Type Approval accreditation and are suitable for every maritime application. Its highly-skilled team and award-winning solutions have made it a recognized maritime industry supplier with some of the biggest names in shipping on its installation reference list. https://emsys-maritime.com/

    Tina Olivero

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