by Gloria Anastasopoulos

    ESG Meaning – Enviropass

    You could have the perfect product, a design that meets consumer needs, is affordable and exceeds all expectations. Yet if the device violates environmental regulations, you would never be able to sell it. Enviropass ensures that products comply with environmental obligations so that they may enter the market without issue.

    As a Device Manufacturer, What Environmental Regulations Must I Keep in Mind?

    Depending on where you wish to release your product, several regulations surrounding the use of hazardous substances must be kept in mind.

    For example, if you wish to sell devices in the European Union, they must comply with:

    • EU RoHS on the restriction of hazardous substances. There are also RoHS laws worldwide
    • REACH SVHC for substances of very high concern,
    • POP regulations addressing persistent organic pollutants, as well as
    • the EU battery directive.

    Additionally, if you plan on introducing your products in the United States, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) bans certain chemicals like some Persistent Bioaccumulative and Toxic substances. Furthermore, California may require specific warning labels as per Proposition 65. Finally, you may need to file official reports for conflict materials.

    Indeed, there are many laws and standards to keep in mind if one plans to introduce a new product on the market.

    What are the Consequences of Environmental Violations?

    There are several penalties imposed on manufacturers caught violating environmental laws.

    For example, Germany may fine companies up to 50 000 euros for a REACH violation and up to 30 000 euros for a RoHS one. France may charge up to 15 000 euros. Denmark has no maximum limit for fines. For California Prop. 65 the civil penalty is $2,500 per day for each violation.

    Additionally, there is even the risk of imprisonment. For instance, for a RoHS violation in Germany, imprisonment can be for up to one year, and in Denmark, two years, depending on the severity of the offense.

    Authorities may issue a recall notice of offending articles and withdraw them from the market at the producer’s expense. The EU Safety Gate (Rapex) system informs consumers of unsafe products.

    The Power of Enforcement Authorities

    Surveillance authorities, like customs agencies, enforce laws through the following methods, among others:

    • Conducting analytical tests
    • Inspecting goods
    • Detaining products and documents
    • Making test purchases
    • Prohibiting the placement of articles on the market

    How does Enviropass Ensure Environmental Compliance?

    Enviropass analyzes products’ Bills of Materials (BOM) and verifies if each component follows relevant regulations. The Enviropass team contacts hundreds of suppliers for documentation and look through the material composition, certifications, and testing documents for evidence of compliance. Next, Enviropass conducts a risk analysis and gives its recommendations.

    Enviropass also implements and regularly monitors environmental management systems (ISO 14001) and offers environmental compliance audits (ECA) by a certified environmental auditor (CEA).

    Finally, Enviropass gives personalized courses and workshops. It also provides training on RoHS, REACH SVHC, and SCIP notifications (for Substances of Concern In Products), and ISO 14001.

    Who is Enviropass?

    Enviropass Expertise Inc. is a consulting company based in Montreal, Canada, that advises businesses on social and environmental compliance.

    Enviropass’ vision is a world in which every product is manufactured with environmental and social consciousness. Bear in mind the regulations in place to advance this cause, and ensure your designs comply.

    Enviropass has served hundreds of manufacturers in numerous industries globally. It evaluates products such as:

    • Electrical and electronic equipment
    • Medical devices
    • Automotive parts
    • Aerospace equipment
    • Military equipment
    • Toys
    • Control instruments, and more.

    Gloria Anastasopoulos

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