by Tina Olivero

    CRP Subsea Awarded Major Contract to Provide Cable Protection

    CRP Subsea was awarded a contract by Seaway 7, the renewables business unit of Subsea 7, to provide 140 NjordGuard cable protection systems and bellmouths for Changfang and Xidao (CFXD) offshore wind farms located off the west coast of Taiwan. The cable protection systems and bellmouths will protect the inter-array and export power cables for 62 wind turbines and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) conduit cables, from fatigue damage due to the significant wave and current forces in the region.

    Andy Smith, Global CPS Manager at CRP Subsea states: “We are delighted CRP Subsea was awarded a major contract to supply NjordGuard cable protection systems for Seaway 7. By collaborating with our customers and understanding their technical requirements, we can support them and create ease of business by enhancing their projects.”

    Production of the 140 NjordGuard systems and bellmouths will take place in CRP Subsea’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the North West of England. Project engineering works will commence immediately, with project commissioning split into two phases scheduled for completion in 2022 and 2023.

    NjordGuard is an integrated cable protection system designed and developed to protect offshore wind farm power cables in wind turbine generators and offshore substation platforms. Easily assembled on a vessel to allow speedy installation, the system’s highly abrasion resistant API 17L certified Uraduct® material enables it to travel over the seabed without damage, extending cable life. Most importantly, it facilitates easier installation, reuse, and removal without diver and ROV intervention, optimizing efficiency and maximizing safety.

    The Changfang and Xidao offshore wind farms comprise 62 turbines installed on jacket foundations, with a combined capacity of 589MW. The two wind farms located 11 to 25 kilometers off the west coast of Taiwan, will provide clean energy to nearly 1.75 million homes in Taiwan for the next 20 years.

    CRP Subsea

    Using advanced material technology, CRP Subsea provides high integrity solutions for the harshest and most demanding offshore environments. CRP Subsea specializes in the development and production of polymer and syntactic foam-based buoyancy and protection products for the offshore renewables and oil & gas industries. CRP Subsea has provided innovative solutions to the industry for over 40 years. www.crpsubsea.com

    Tina Olivero

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