by Tina Olivero

    Phillips 66 Expands Production Implementations of CruxOCM’s PipeBOT™

    CruxOCM, the pioneer of robotic industrial process automation (RIPA™), announced that Phillips 66 has committed to further expanding its production implementations of pipeBOT™ to additional pipeline assets to enable safer, more consistent operations that maximize utilization, efficiency, and throughput of their pipeline network.

    CruxOCM’s industry-leading, state-of-the-art solutions solve several industry challenges, and by utilizing the technology, Phillips 66 will be able to provide repeatable, secure, and consistently executed operations. CruxOCM’s pipeBOT™ reduces costs and increases pipeline throughput, ratability, and asset integrity.  

    The number of manual commands it takes for control room operators to manage pipeline functionality is staggering, typically anywhere from hundreds to thousands to complete discrete operations like start-ups, shutdowns, or swings. pipeBOT™ is designed to reduce manual commands through intelligent automation. By applying intelligence to the process, control room operator fatigue is significantly reduced — as many as 85% fewer commands need to be entered across all operating processes. This technology enables control room operators to perform more essential higher-level functions while ensuring safety and performance.  

    “Phillips 66 has been a wonderful customer and we’re excited to continue the expansion of pipeBOT™ across its pipeline systems,” said Adam Marsden, CRO at CruxOCM. “At CruxOCM, we empower control room operators with modern software that enables the autonomous control rooms of tomorrow, within the safety constraints of today. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship with Phillips 66 for many years to come.”

    About CruxOCM

    Crux Operations Control Management Limited (CruxOCM) delivers innovative operations control management software that crushes the complexity and inefficiencies associated with standard operations control rooms. From maximizing & optimizing flow rates to streamlining critical transient or steady-state procedures, we help the heavy industry achieve a step-change transformation of their operations control systems and deliver dramatic results that reduce risk and increase competitiveness, growth, and profitability. CruxOCM’s RIPA™ software platform offers superior execution of control room operations and scalable architecture to help our clients stay ahead of rapid change or be the ones creating it. For more information, visit cruxocm.com.

    Tina Olivero

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