by Mark Goorwah

    Volterra Technology, the Ecosystem for a Sustainable Future

    Based out of Toronto ON, Volterra Technology is tackling climate change with a multipronged approach. In 2020 Volterra partnered with three-term Grand Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Phil Fontaine, and formed Volterra Indigenous Energy Canada. They signed a Band Council Resolution (BCR) for a 1500MWh Battery Energy Storage System and a 300MW baseload of solar to be installed in Manitoba in conjunction with Waywayseecappo First Nations. Volterra believes integrating Indigenous communities into Canada’s clean energy future is vital as it will bring economic sovereignty to First Nations communities as well as ensure participation in major infrastructure projects which is necessary for Canada’s path towards truth and reconciliation.

    This year, Volterra Technology signed a partnership with Clean Hydrogen Technologies based out of California and Sydney, Australia. This technology cracks methane and CO2 into turquoise hydrogen and carbon black for manufacturing materials. They’re currently in conversation with the largest utility companies in North America for the implementation of the reactors into their equipment. This will greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help with Canada’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050. 

    Currently, Volterra has a Renewable Credit Marketplace in software development. Built originally for compliance with the I-REC standard which is the main issuing body in Europe and Asia, they’re now building a secondary platform for integration into MRETs which is a voluntary renewable energy credit issuer based out of the USA. This marketplace will enable renewable energy producers to be granted credits and list them on Volterra Energy Marketplace for sale to international and local buyers. 

    In 2023 Volterra plans to register 10-15 Patents to The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). These patents are poised to change the battery tech industry and greatly decrease the manufacturing costs of batteries, an integral piece of our global shift away from fossil fuel reliance. They’re still looking for a manufacturing partner. 

    Over the past 8 years, Volterra Technology has formed a network of global leaders who are working alongside them towards a world that’s sustainable for future generations. For any inquiries contact Mark Goorwah

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