by Tina Olivero

    5 Reasons Why Drone Transportation is the Future of Delivery

    Ordering items online has become commonplace. People order everything from prescription drugs to food to collector’s items and everything in between. While the demand is there for goods to be transported to people, several issues are surfacing within the field, including theft, public safety, and environmental damage.

    In creating patented, secure smart mailboxes to accept tradition and autonomous delivery, Dronedek is revolutionizing the future of the delivery industry.

    “We are the future of how goods are delivered in the final mile, and the future is here. It’s happening now,” says Dan O’Toole, the founder, and chief executive officer of Dronedek. “Customer habits have changed, and we are happy to be there to help meet their needs and address some of the most common problems.”

    5 reasons why drone transportation is the future of delivery:

    • Versatility. Drone delivery benefits everyone who uses transportation services to move goods. It can be used for business-to-business delivery, business-to-consumer delivery, and private and government delivery. Dronedeks are designed for autonomous delivery but also accept traditional delivery, so it’s ready now and in the future to make delivery more secure and accurate
    • Profits. The final mile is the most expensive portion of the delivery chain. Fuel to cover that last Drone and other autonomous delivery for the last mile also helps to reduce the risks of vehicle crashes, which protects employees and keeps costs down.
    • Staffing. In a tight labor market, companies will be rewarded for giving teams an opportunity to increase their technical skills by helping drivers become drone pilots as the industry shifts toward automation for the last portion of the delivery journey. 
    • Security. Millions of packages never make it to the intended purchase because they are stolen from the front porch. Dronedeks are secure mailboxes that keep packages secure and hot or cold if need be. Delivery is made only when the Dronedek authenticates the package is intended for it. The Dronedek is a controlled app used by subscribers. 
    • Environment. Autonomous delivery helps reduce the miles traveled by traditional trucks and vans, many of which use fossil fuels. Drone delivery helps reduce the carbon footprint from the delivery, helping to get the country to be carbon neutral by 2050 or sooner. Plus, with millions of packages making it to the intended party, rather than being stolen, fewer packages will be sent overall because companies will not need to send out replacements for the ones that were not received.

    “Drone delivery has been identified as the faster, cheaper delivery option,” added O’Toole. “We are happy to be leading the way in helping businesses and consumers with their deliveries through drone technology.”

    Founded by Dan O’Toole, Dronedek has raised $7.1 million, helping to bring the receptacles to market this year. Dubbed as the “mailbox of the future,” the receptacle will help people send and receive packages securely and safely and provides privacy. The company recently announced it has partnered with Helium to allow for more significant wireless network expansion. Helium hotspots will be put into Dronedeks in areas with limited coverage to help build out the network.

    About Dronedek

    Dronedek is a company offering a new way of sending and receiving packages of up to five pounds each. The device provides a safe, secure method of delivery that keeps the items in a patented receptacle. The receptacle offers complete protection from the weather and would-be thieves. The company was founded by Dan O’Toole, a patent holder, and serial entrepreneur. The company is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. To learn more, visit the site: https://www.Dronedek.com.

    Tina Olivero

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