by Tina Olivero

    Honeywell Drives Digitalization in Oman Via Automation

    Honeywell announced that Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) is deploying a wide range of technologies to modernize and standardize the control system architecture of its Government Gas Plant (GGP) in northern Oman. The plant modernization delivers sustainable and efficient gas processing operations that help PDO satisfy an increasing demand for gas across the country.

    Honeywell Process Solutions is utilizing a suite of solutions to upgrade the GGP’S supervisory control center. The scope of the overall technology upgrade includes moving all High-Performance Process Manager(HPM) controllers to a more efficient and sophisticated controller, the C300, and replacing the Fail Safe Controller (FSC) with Safety Manager. This changeover was completed while keeping the same input and output modules. The project also focuses on transitioning the plant’s supervisory control level to the latest Experion® PKS R511 software release, coupled with a refresh of workstation, server, and network platforms. PDO is also implementing the Honeywell Trace ® solution for better monitoring of critical control assets. The result is a standardized system architecture with advanced control capabilities.

    A phased approach to the project minimized disruptions to normal plant operations and ensured efficient execution of the various steps. Overall, PDO has seen a spectrum of benefits including consistent gas quality, reduced risk of unplanned downtime, and enhanced lifecycle planning capabilities. The transformation is being achieved while protecting PDO’s valuable intellectual property – a key project objective.

    “Our ability to meet gas demand across the Sultanate rests on our ability to process and produce it effectively and that requires modern control architecture,” said Ahmed Al Harrasi, senior control & automation leader for gas assets, PDO. “We selected Honeywell for this strategic undertaking because of its deep knowledge of our business and its track record of success across the sector. From being able to extend the life of critical assets to reduced project execution risk, we’re delighted with the results.”

    “Due to aging systems and support issues, our customers can face significant risk and unplanned downtime,” said Pramesh Maheshwari, vice president, and general manager, Lifecycle Solutions and Services, Honeywell Process Solutions. “Leveraging automation capabilities by upgrading to new technology while optimizing current investments is key to success. That’s the approach we’ve taken with PDO, and we’re excited to lead them through their digitalization journey.”

    PDO is the leading exploration and production company in the Sultanate of Oman.

    Honeywell Process Solutions is a pioneer in automation control, instrumentation, and services for the oil and gas; refining; energy; pulp and paper; industrial power generation; chemicals and petrochemicals; biofuels; life sciences; and metals, minerals, and mining industries. It is also a leader in providing software solutions and instrumentation that help manufacturers find value and competitive advantage through Honeywell Connected Plant, Honeywell’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution. Process Solutions is part of Honeywell’s Performance Materials and Technologies strategic business group, which also includes Honeywell UOP, a leading international supplier and licensor of process technology, catalysts, adsorbents, equipment, and consulting services to the petroleum refining, petrochemical, and gas processing industries.
    Honeywell is a Fortune 100 technology company that delivers industry-specific solutions that include aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings and industry; and performance materials globally. Our technologies help aircraft, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains, and workers become more connected to make our world smarter, safer, and more sustainable. For more news and information on Honeywell.

    Tina Olivero

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