by Tina Olivero

    Facebook’s Market Cap Grew By $101 Billion Average Per Year Over The Past Nine Years

    Facebook is the youngest of the crème de la crème of the top performing firms globally. According to the research data analyzed and published by Wette.de, its market cap has increased by a cumulative $932.0 billion under Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership. In the 9.3 years that he has been at the helm, it grew by an average of $100.7 billion annually.

    Masterchef CEOs and the Increase in Market Cap of their Companies – Source: The Economist

    Additionally, based on a Visual Capitalist report, Facebook ranks sixth on an exclusive group of trillion-dollar companies. Though it dipped in and out of the club in July 2021, as of August 2021, it was firmly footed with a $1.01 trillion valuation. 

    Publicly-Traded Companies that Belong in the Trillion-Dollar Club- Source: Visual Capitalist

    Facebook’s Profit Grew by 101% to $10.4 Billion in Q2 2021

    The Economist ranks Zuckerberg fourth among CEOs who have created the highest shareholder value. Apple CEO Tim Cook tops the list with an increase of $2.101 trillion in market cap during his 10-year tenure. That translates to an average of $210.3 billion every year. 

    Satya Nadella ranks second, having led Microsoft to an increase of $1.986 trillion over 7.5 years. That translates to $263.3 billion every year, a higher growth rate than that of Apple.

    Only six publicly traded firms in history, Facebook included, have hit a market capitalization of $1 trillion or more. Facebook is the youngest company ever to achieve this valuation milestone. Top on the list is Apple, which is 45 years old and has a valuation of $2.48 trillion. The 46-year-old Microsoft is second with $2.20 trillion and Saudi Aramco is third with $1.88 trillion at 88 years.

    In Q2 2021, Facebook reported revenue growth at 56%, hitting $28.6 billion. Profit during the period grew by an impressive 101%, reaching $10.4 billion. The ad spend on Instagram and Facebook shot up by 50% globally despite a 12.4% decline in Facebook ad reach.

    Source(s) and Image(s): Wette.de, The Economist, Visual Capitalist, Facebook.com

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