by Tina Olivero

The ART of BUSINESS: With Dominique Hurley!

Plant yourself in front of one of Dominique Hurley’s intuitive paintings and you might just get lost for days. The experience is not simply a painting in front of you, rather it becomes a portal to another world. Step inside and take the journey.

Dominique’s painting will massage your senses and wake you up to a transformational journey with energy infused brush strokes on the canvas of your life. As you take the path inward, you forget about the physical painting and walk over the threshold of the mind and go deeper into your heart and spirit. This self-discovery process is like no other. It awakens your intuitive compass, your gut knowing and your senses that whisper, “there is so much more to this great life of ours. Come this way.”

Let yourself go and get lost in Dominique’s paintings. Notice how they make you feel. Ask questions, expect answers. Get interrupted and then find yourself in the process. Use them as a point of contemplation and allow your intuition to surface.

Dominique’s Intuitive paintings are very much like meditation. The experience is all about connecting with our highest self in the here and now. It transports you from worrying about the past and having anxiety about the future to this present moment. The intuitive experience is warm and inviting. It’s kind and caring. It beacons you inward to balance out the manic crazy world of the outside. It’s a necessary calling in today’s modern frantic world. Dominique’s paintings knock at the door of higher vibration. Would you like to answer?

Intuition guides Dominique to energetically channel what comes through her and then transposes onto the canvas. With bold colours, line, texture and form, she arrives at a masterpiece that evokes emotion, healing and curiosity.

Through Dominique’s paintings you may allow yourself to get lost and open yourself up to what wants to emerge. Allow your callings to surface and your purpose to emerge into your life’s experience. Truly a world-class intuitive artist, Dominique Hurley’s magical touch will leave you inspired. Or shall we say, IN SPIRIT!

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