by Tina Olivero

    Kimura Capital LLP joins the MineHub Consortium

    MineHub, the innovative technology platform that is digitalising the mining and metals supply chains, is pleased to announce that Kimura Capital LLP (“Kimura”) is joining MineHub’s growing consortium of industry participants.

    Kimura is a London based asset management company that specialises in commodity trade finance with expertise in financing complex logistical operations. As a member of the Alternative Investment Management Association, Kimura’s experience in finance will provide another important source of financial liquidity within the mining and metals ecosystem. The partnership with MineHub will be instrumental in driving the innovation within the industry.

    With financial institutions adapting to a changing regulatory environment, the provision of alternative finance plays an increasingly important role in facilitating the availability of credit, not just for trade finance, but also project and institutional finance. Improving access to capital is therefore a core part of the MineHub value proposition and a key area of focus is on enabling an integrated mix of institutional and alternative finance actors to provide new financing structures.

    Arnoud Star Busmann, CEO of MineHub said: “Having Kimura on board as a consortium member is very strategic for MineHub. Offering optionality in financing sources is core to our strategy and Kimura is a clear leader in this sector, both in size and diversity, as well as their commitment to innovation, technology and sustainability. Working with Kimura and their peers, in conjunction with commercial banks and other financial institutions, MineHub will improve the working capital options and costs for miners, traders and other users. Our solutions will serve both large corporates and SMEs within the market, whilst contributing to responsible supply chains by linking risk pricing to ESG profiles of minerals.”

    Kristofer Tremaine, CEO and Founder of Kimura Capital said: “There is no doubt whatsoever that digitisation is the future for the market. Kimura has developed its business by selecting best in class partners in order to strengthen its overall offering. We are delighted to begin a partnership with MineHub whom have outstanding potential and represent Kimura’s first cooperation in the digitisation of commodity trade flows. MineHub’s value set and ambitions run very closely to Kimura’s, making the future of our strategic partnership, along with the other strong companies involved, one of great success.”

    Digitalisation, transparency and automation will help reduce operational and fraud risks, thereby lowering the barriers to entry for alternative financing sources. Increased operational efficiencies and automation of ESG compliance will enable alternative financing houses to serve more clients without increasing operations and overheads.

    About Kimura Capital LLP

    Kimura Capital is a UK based investment manager specialising in the global commodity trade finance business. Kimura specialises in providing tailor-made financing solutions for small to medium sized commodity producers. Kimura can look at transactions across the globe in the agriculture, metals and energy sectors and have assembled an experienced team of commodity professionals.

    About MineHub Technologies

    MineHub Technologies is an innovative technology company focused on improving efficiency in mining and metals supply chain and bringing trust to the management and trading of natural resources. MineHub’s core services digitise the key interactions between participants, bringing automation, cost savings, security, ESG and regulatory compliance to a large set of stakeholders.

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