by Tina Olivero

    Larson Electronics: 400 Watt Hazard Safe Metal Halide Work Lamp

    Larson Electronics, one of the leading names in the Industrial grade equipment production line has released the new EPL-PM-1X400MH-200 hazardous location light capable of operating at 400 watts. The new light has been rated Class I Division 2, meaning that it is safe to be used in areas with the potential to possess flammable and hazardous vapors.

    The EPL-PM-1X400MH-200 has been designed to withstand almost any kind of industrial treatment. It comes equipped with a portable base created from corrosion resistant non-sparking blue finish aluminum and can be adjusted to provide illuminance at up to 25,000 square feet of work area.

    Moreover, the lamp is also able to provide lights at multiple angles (up to 90 degrees) with the help of 2 hand screws on either side of the portable base, which is provided with an easy to carry handle as well. For connectivity, the lamp is equipped with 200 feet of oil and abrasion resistant 16/3 SOOW cord, ending in a Class I Division 1 explosion proof plug topped with an explosion proof cord cap.

    As far as sturdiness is concerned, Larson has taken great care to ensure that the die-cast weatherproof aluminum housing lives up to its name. It is equipped with a removable front access precision formed heat and impact resistant glass door flat aluminum reflector. The reflector also has a lightweight non-breakable chemically bonded corrosion resistant ALGLAS finish on both the inner and the outer surfaces to ensure maximum durability.

    With a wide flood pattern light visibility and operating temperatures ranging to -20 degrees F, the EPL-PM-1X400MH-200 is perfect for operation in wet and marine environments. The light can even be configured to operate at 120-277V, 480V, or 220-50 Hz VAC.
    Speaking of the new product, Rob Bresnahan, the CEO of Larson Electronics said, “This portable metal halide work light is ideal for hazardous location areas where only temporary lighting is required”.

    Larson Electronics
    Larson Electronics is a major global supplier of industrial grade light and power solutions ranging from LED light towers, explosion proof lighting solutions in hazardous areas portable power solutions and area lights for industrial solutions, including low power efficient LED lighting solutions.


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