by Aaryn Lambert

    Women of The OGM

    This edition of The OGM is dedicated to the intelligence, innovation, creativity and hard work of women in the energy industry the world over. We thank you for supporting a new energy-sustainable world. At The OGM we focus on what’s positive and what’s possible because we understand that whatever we focus on expands. We are creating the world’s largest energy community of content users and content providers with the understanding that self-publishing is the new publishing. At The OGM you can now self-publish your own stories your own way.

    Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero is the founder of The Oil and Gas Magazine (The OGM). Tina started The OGM  24 years ago in Newfoundland. She did this six years before there was any oil  in the province. The OGM expanded  into Alberta 10 years  ago and now it is the most successful Canada-wide publication linking the eastern offshore to the western oil sands. TheOGM.com was recently chosen as one of four of the top online magazines in Canada.

    Alexia Giles

    This is Alexia Giles, she has been with The OGM for fourteen years working in International Business Development. Alexia just got engaged to Hank… we love Hank!

    Christine Adams

    This is Christine Adams, she oversees the design of  The OGM and she loves the world of business development.  Christine has been with The OGM for 19 years. When she first started she was really shy. She’s not shy anymore!

    Melissa Kennedy

    This is Melissa Kennedy, our brand new Executive Assistant. We threw her in the deep end. She swam.

    Moona Khan

    This is Moona Khan, she has a keen eye for photo journalism and an idea bank that just won’t quit.

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