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    As human beings, we are able to recognize that as a need deepens and cannot be met, flames of passion ignite to attempt to fill this void for ourselves and others. A skill, an asset, or in this case, a service becomes valuable when we realize the full potential it carries in making our days more meaningful. This was just the case when Gerrard and his wife, Jennifer, were planning their wedding. As the details began to shape into their picture-perfect day, they realized something was missing from the picture: dazzling vintage cars. Conversation sparked, passion was ignited, and the Highland Executive Chauffeur, the first professionally trained chauffeur company, was created three months later.

    When established on the foundation of passion, a company will expand and create an aura of awareness because it is dedicated to fulfill the needs of its clientele using above and beyond measures. The business that sprouted in the Canmore and Banff area was recognized by the General Property Manager of Hines, Gordon Menzies, and has now been brought to Calgary, operating out of Eighth Avenue Place. Highland is now the choice of transportation for most corporate clients. And, upon meeting with the CEO Gerrard Connelly, it has become evident why. The company is fueled by their motto “servitio sine compromissum”, service without compromise.

    Highland stands apart from other transportation companies in that it is a professionally trained chauffeur company, where chauffeurs require a minimum of 400 hours of training. In fact, there is a vast difference between a chauffeur and a driver, beginning with the multileveled training they receive. During the 400 hours, chauffeurs learn advanced driving skills, executive protection, chauffeur etiquette, attire, customer service, and local and general knowledge. Chauffeurs have a variety of specialized instructors who prepare them to meet a plethora of their clients’ needs, independent from simply driving the vehicle. The Highland philosophy emphasizes the importance of the evolving role of a chauffeur and its ability to adapt to any circumstance. Chauffeurs are adorned in distinguished uniforms that are solely worn in grey and navy blue; solid and empowering colours that represent authority, honesty, and reliability. The company exudes a strict selection process that requires complete dedication and the ability to sacrifice for customer satisfaction. Those appointed are capable of meeting the high standards of requirement and portray an image of professionalism that commands respect through their demeanor. It is the strong character of the chauffeur that stands out among the rest and leaves a lasting impression on the clients.

    Highland has carefully thought out an array of services to meet the needs of their clients. Services include, but are not limited to, milestone events such as weddings, graduations, stags/stagettes, and noteworthy parties. Calgarians who are looking to try a new and different approach are encouraged to hire chauffeurs to add a creative element to ideas like a picnic in Banff or a shopping trip. Highland works with six associate companies to ensure that the memorable moment created during each special occasion is maximized and comes together smoothly. Corporate clients can travel with ease using this service to relieve the pressure of airport, hotel, and other business related transportation. The company carries an impressive fleet of vehicles consisting of Cadillac Escalades, BMW 750 Li, Mercedes Sprinter, SUV limousines, and a 1952 Bentley MK VI. The luxury vehicles are fully equipped with adjustable lighting, video calling screens, hardwood flooring, high-end sound, and an in-vehicle iPad to assist with conference calling. Vehicles are kept in pristine condition and are maintained regularly. Through positive profiling, the inside of the vehicles are customized to suit the needs of each individual such as temperature, beverages, and accessories. Chauffeurs are responsible for understanding the comforts required for each client and implementing these needs to create a desirable atmosphere for travel. The personalization of service is the utmost priority of the company, as clients should feel as though the vehicle is their own. Gerrard, who also chauffeurs for his company, expresses how one of the best aspects of the job is that his company aims at forming a personal connection with each client. The warmth offered through his company is not only appreciated but also reciprocated through positive communication and clientele who remain loyal to this service.

    Highland strives each day to remain proactive in order to be the leaders in this industry. Gerrard Connelly not only initiated an important service, he has also founded the Canadian Chauffeur’s Guild in the hopes of expanding the quality of service in this industry and maintaining a standard level of excellence for all chauffeurs Canada wide. A clear difference can be seen through the level of service and client treatment offered by Highland. four years later, the company continues to grow and expand and feels honoured to now offer their service to the city of Calgary. When the time comes to enhance the special events in your life, remember that your dreams should not be compromised and neither should the service that offers to help you bring them to life.


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