by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

    Andy Murray: King of Tennis on the Rise

    Andy Murray is the first male British tennis pro to win Wimbledon in 77 years against number-one-ranked Novak Djokovic in straight sets. Murray, ranked number two, is perpetuating global popularity of the sport with his ability to win title after title. As the reigning Olympic and U.S. Open champion, he consistently displaces his opponents with his distinctive playing style and tactical brilliance. In June 2013, he also won the Aegon championship at the Queen’s Club in London, positioning himself as the fifth man ever to win this championship three times over. Murray is definitely a man on the rise.

    Currently 26 years old, Murray’s journey to tennis success began at the age of three. As a junior, the Scottish native won the prestigious Orange Bowl and U.S. Open junior tournaments, which proclaimed him Britain’s first teen in the top 100 ranks in over 30 years when he turned professional. His successes within the sport, combined with his personal and business ones, keep Murray’s name in the headlines. His girlfriend of nearly a decade, Kim Sears, who is also loved by the media, shares a residence with him in Scotland when he’s not in Miami, where he now trains full-time.

    “I love being in Miami,” he says, “It has everything—the weather and the facilities, which make it perfect for a training base. Here I’m able to train anytime of the year. It’s a little colder back home, especially in winter!”

    Murray comments how Miami is a huge sports spectator community, to which he’s easily attached himself as a loyal Miami Heat fan. “They love their sports out here,” he asserts. Being local also adds an advantage when playing the Sony Open Tennis Tournament in Miami. “I’m able to sleep in my bed, and my place is only a 15-minute drive to the tournament.”

    Murray also serves as the brand ambassador of Rado watches, which has long been the official timekeeper of tournaments around the world, and a brand familiar to Murray even as a child. His current favorite model is the HyperChrome from the new Court Collection, but his first-ever Rado watch, which remains a personal standout, was the D-Star 200.

    Barbados was set to host the Dream Cup the final week of November 2013. The tournament, however, was cancelled in the final stages due to financial issues, a television contract, and player withdrawals (France’s Richard Gasquet pulled out due to an injury, www.dailymail.co.uk). Murray had been looking forward to the Dream Cup as it would have been his first public performance following a recent back surgery, which he believes will allow him to play his absolute best if the world has not yet already seen it.

    Murray’s recent surgery forced him to forego competing in Barclays this year. He says, “I’m really disappointed not to be playing this year. I love playing in front of my home crowd—it’s a great atmosphere. All the players look forward to competing in London, and I’ll be doing my best to qualify again for the tournament next year.”

    He explains the motivation for the recent surgery. “It wasn’t so much the serve. It was other shots it was an issue on. And also just general movement. Just not being as stiff or inhibited. I wanted just to be free again in my movement, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it goes, but I’m positive that, if I do all the right rehab and recovery stuff and don’t rush back, when I do get back on the court I’ll be able to hit shots that I wasn’t able to hit for the last 18 months or so” (www.theguardian.com).

    When asked what gives his game the obvious edge, he claims, “Knowing you can last in any rally and match your opponent … gives me confidence in all areas of my game, including a psychological edge.” Equipment has also enhanced his game, and he remarks: “Tennis equipment has come a long way since the days of the wooden racquets … it is specially designed to be practical, lightweight, and comfortable.”

    Looking into the future, Murray believes he is on track for even more successes in the months ahead. He’s aligned himself with Coach Ivan Lendl, who will help him decide whether to attend BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year Awards or an exhibition event in Abu Dhabi (both taking place in December 2013) or the first ATP event of the 2014 season beginning in Qatar prior to the Australian Open. One thing is for sure, we will be hearing and reading more about this world-class tennis player.



    Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

    Angerman’s background is in communications and marketing. She holds a bachelor’s degree with an English focus and a myriad of publishing credits under her belt, including, SEASON OF HAZE, a young adult novel on hazing. She's operated her own professional writing company for more than a decade.rnrnCurrently, she is the key features writer and editorial administrator for The OGM. rnrnPrior, she invested several years selling exempt market securities for two Calgary-based oil and gas juniors before joining forces as a founder of Dragonfly and Aeviex Inc., two Alberta startups.rnrnA resident of Calgary for more than two and a half decades, her insights and networks in Cow Town is vast and growing.

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