by Diane L.M. Cook

    An Extraordinary First Class Experience

    Relaxed, refreshed, and perfectly satisfied!

    Most people don’t think of flying the skies as a pleasant experience. But those who fly first class with Lufthansa discover how flying the skies is an experience akin to being treated like royalty.

    Lufthansa, Germany’s flag carrier, is the largest airline in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. It flies to 211 destinations in 84 countries, which include flights from Houston to Abu Dhabi and to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

    Specializing in providing a high level of comfort, luxury and service in its first-class cabins, Lufthansa offers its passengers many amenities which are unmatched by any other global airline. “We believe in providing our first-class passengers with the level of class and style which they are accustomed to in their everyday lives,” says Christina Semmel, corporate communications, The Americas. What differentiates Lufthansa from all other global airlines is the extra thoughtful touches included in the construction of the first-class cabin.

    On Lufthansa’s A380 airbus, the first-class cabin is located on the upper deck and consists of only eight seats. The seats are generously proportioned and ergonomically designed. They measure six feet by nine inches in length and two feet by seven inches in width, and provide the ultimate in comfort and innovation for an exceptional travel experience.

    The seats fully recline to a flat, full-size bed to offer maximum comfort for sleeping, making it possible for passengers to drift into a deep sleep while the airplane travels at a speed of 528 miles per hour.

    The first-class cabin is the quietest cabin in commercial aviation and boasts an air humidification system – the first of its kind to be installed on a commercial aircraft – that improves air humidity to help ward off jet lag. As well, sound-absorbing curtains partition the rest of the cabin and provide a high level of privacy. Special sound-insulating material in the aircraft’s outer skin and sound-absorbing carpet block footstep noise.

    The first-class cabin also boasts two large, luxurious bathrooms with separate changing and lavatory areas, which offer enhanced personal space and storage. Each passenger has an individual closet, which can be locked, in addition to the generous storage facilities surrounding the seat. At its Frankfurt/Germany hub, Lufthansa offers its own first class terminal and first class lounges as well. The lounges are inside the main terminals but the First Class Terminal is an own and separated area at the airport. The First Class Terminal offers many amenities and wants the customers to feel like being in a boutique hotel. For example, passengers can make use of luxury bathrooms, an inviting dining and wine area or use small-office units that can be closed off with a glass door, so guests can work undisturbed. The office units are equipped with large desks, phones, writing materials and other equipment. Passengers with their own WLAN compatible computers can surf the Web or make use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology free of charge. For passengers without a laptop, the office units are also equipped with Internet terminals with access to a USB port and a local printer.

    For smokers, there is a cigar lounge which also offers a range of snacks and drinks.

    The First Class Lounges also include an inviting wellness/spa area where passengers can unwind and enjoy massages, facials and other beauty treatments.

    A special amenity in the First Class Lounge is its Wii Activity room, offering a choice of Wii Sport or Wii Fit games for passengers to provide them with a chance to get some exercise in between flights.

    Lufthansa offers its First Class passengers exclusive menus with local specialties, created by distinguished star chefs on select long-haul flights to and from Germany. Depending on the country of departure, the star chefs prepare culinary specialties from those countries, whether it be China, India, Japan, Germany or South Korea.

    Lufthansa collaborates with chefs at luxury hotels all over the world. Menus for departing flights from the U.S. are developed in two-month cycles by the chefs of the Mandarin Oriental hotels in San Francisco, New York and Miami, so frequent-flyer passengers enjoy a great variety of menu offerings.

    Wherever your business may take you, whether it’s around the world or just across the country, consider booking a First Class flight with Lufthansa and enjoy being pampered while you fly the premier airline of the skies. “Traveling first class with Lufthansa means always being able to expect the exceptional,” says Semmel.


    Diane L.M. Cook

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